Coroners say how a missing woman at Myrtle Beach arrived at the fire department in Florence

A Florida college student, Sheridan Wall, was reported missing at Myrtle Beach before being found dead in the countryside of Florence County. Dropped by a man Keith von Lucken, a coloner in Florence County, confirmed with WMBF-TV on Tuesday at the fire station where her body was found.

Von Lucken also confirmed to the news agency that there was no call or text message from her cell phone for about 18 hours when she was not explained at the Hannah Salem Friendfield Fire Department. Von Lutcken said Wahl was found at the bottom of the fire department’s training tower, but did not explicitly state how she got there.

“I can’t say that someone didn’t push or throw her. Similarly, I can’t say she didn’t fall or jump on her own. Therefore, the only option for death is murder. , Suicide, or accident, we don’t know, so I decided it was undecided, “von Lucken told WMBF.

News release Her autopsy results on Monday She said she was found near the tower, but did not assert that she had fallen from the tower, saying her death was classified as “undecided.” Sun News left a message in Florence County Coroner’s Office, but no reply from von Lutkken.

Von Lucken told WMBF that all her injuries were internal and were not identified in the news release on Monday. He also told the news station that Wahl’s toxicology report showed nothing in “the bloodstream of her concern.”

According to WMBF, von Lucken said the unnamed man drove from Keith Lane, where the car was found to be scorched, to the fire department, without a license plate and an unreadable vehicle identification number. He added that the investigator spoke to the man who dropped her, but no further information was available about him.

Von Lucken also told WMBF that investigators had interviewed witnesses who said Wall was “demonstrating abnormal or erratic behavior.”

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Department has not yet provided public information about the investigation since Wall was reported missing. Sun News tried to contact SLED spokesman Tommy Crosby on Monday, but did not receive a response.

Authorities have not nominated the suspect and have not stated whether or not they suspect cheating.

Von Lucken said Wall’s “undecided” cause of death could change if more information was available to Holly County Coroner Robert Edge. Pay attention to Sun News On Tuesday, while talking in general, not about this particular case.

Edge explained that there are five possible ways of death: nature, suicide, accidental, murder, and undecided.

Uncertainty, which means that not enough information is available to say whether an external force caused death, is specifically that Edge has been listed only a few times in his 30+ year career. It’s a rare decision that says I don’t remember anything.

“Usually (manners) are fairly open and closed,” he said.

Wall, who attended the University of South Florida and lives in Tampa, Florida, is reportedly the last to be seen alive on September 19 at a rental store with a mop in Myrtle Beach. After she decided she had left the city “safely”, she handed the incident to SLED.

Her car was later found to be burned in a cornfield about nine miles from the fire station where her body was found. According to police reports from the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle identification number was unreadable due to the lack of a vehicle license plate.

Wall’s autopsy was completed in September, but coroners waited for results from toxicology reports before officially determining the cause, method, and death.

According to Edge, his office is seeking relatively cheap toxicology reports to cover their bases in almost every death investigation, and there is necessarily evidence of suspicion of substance use. Is not always.

The information on Tuesday gave further insights into Wall’s death, I still have many questions Law enforcement agencies are still in a difficult situation.