Correct “discriminatory” college funding for Asian-American students voted against

The Senate Republican Party has used Thursday’s vote to propose an amendment to suspend federal funding for universities that incorporate competition into admissions to renew the dispute over affirmative action programs.

The amendment, which was not passed with 49-48 votes, would impose penalties on universities for practices that discriminate against Asian Americans.

Republicans have been pushing for the end of affirmative action programs at college since the Justice Department under former President Donald Trump determined that it was discriminating between Asian Americans and white applicants.

The Justice Ministry under the former president insisted that: “Asian Americans and White Yale University applicants are only one-eighth to one-quarter of the chances of enrolling as black applicants of equal education.” by Newsweek..

The Trump administration filed a proceeding against Yale University under these accusations of discrimination (which the university continues to deny) until Biden took office.

All who supported the amendment sponsored by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) were Republicans, those who opposed it were Democrats, and three senators from both parties were absent.

The· Fix Did not get the 60 votes needed to pass.

The purpose of the amendment was to suspend federal funding “For higher education institutions that discriminate against Asian Americans in recruitment, applicant screening, or admission.”

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) reported that the amendment was called a “threat” for the university. College fix..

“Discrimination against Asian-American students or students based on race is already prohibited by federal law.” Hirono said. “This amendment is a transparent and ironic attack on long-standing admission policies that helps increase diversity and provide opportunities for colored students in higher education institutions.”

“This ironically uses the moment of true pain, [a majority of] The Asian-American community doesn’t even support it. ” Janelle Wong, a professor at the University of Maryland and one of the co-founders of AAPI Data, said: Washington post..

Cruz called the vote “sarcastic” in a joint statement with Senator John Kennedy (Republican Louisiana).

COVID-19 Hate Climb MethodIn March, Hirono introduced it with Grace Meng (D-NY), but it was passed uncorrected with 94-1 votes on Thursday.

The bill speeds up the process of reporting hate crimes to Asians, especially during pandemics, and appoints officers designated by the Justice Ministry. NextShark Previously reported.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) was the only member to vote against the bill.

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