Corrupt corpse found at Colorado’s “cult” headquarters identified as group leader

YouTube / love won

YouTube / love won

Denver — Some members of a strange spiritual group called “Love Has Wong” were detained after the badly corrupt body of the group leader was found at headquarters.

Amy Carlson, 45, whose followers call her “Mother Goddess,” was found dead at the headquarters of the “Love Wins” sect in Casada Park, west of Crestone. Deputy Sheriff of Saguache County and a detective of the Colorado Investigation Bureau discovered LHW’s self-proclaimed “God’s Existence” after answering hints from members who told them that her body had been transported from across the country to Colorado.

The connection between death near Crestone and its love First reported According to BeScofield.

According to sources familiar with the case, the group did not use the word “deceased” when referring to Carlson’s death while being interviewed by law enforcement agencies.Sources to The Daily Beast, group members Law enforcement and former members used to call it a “cult.”— Carlson claimed he wasn’t dead, but simply “not communicating.”

Sergeant Royce Brubacher of the Sheriff’s Office in Sawachi told The Daily Beast on Friday that lawmakers found the body in a mobile home at LHW headquarters on Thursday.

Law enforcement sources familiar with the case added that Carlson had died for several weeks and may have been transferred from Oregon. According to sources, the body was in a state where it could not be officially identified by fingerprints, but witnesses confirmed that the body actually belonged to Carlson.

Carlson’s sister, Chelsea Ann Reninger, posted on her Facebook page to confirm her death. Pray for us and those involved in this terrible situation. We choose to remember who she was on a regular basis in our lives. It’s not who she became from this manipulation cult! “

Seven members of the “cult” were detained on various charges, including child abuse, corpse abuse, and tampering with the body, but the death itself was not suspected of cheating.

Love Has Won has a daily live stream called “Daily Energy Event Update” on his Facebook page, but doesn’t mention Carlson’s death.

In a VICE documentary released in March, Carlson claimed that he had been trying to save humanity for 19 billion years and believed that everything society taught was a lie.

“She thinks she’s the Earth of the human body. She thinks she’s the mother of all creation,” said Andrew Profaci, a former member who left the group five years ago, on Friday. I told Beast.

Profaci said he needed a mental reset when he had a car accident in 2002, killed his best friend and joined the group in 2015. He became Carlson’s “God the Father.” Mother God. The existence of two people who created the universe. In essence, Profaci was her caretaker.

“I loved her and took care of her as needed. She drank 10 vodkas overnight. When she drank at night, she would lose her cognitive ability. She Fell down and stepped into the wall, “Profachi said.

When The Daily Beast sent a message on Facebook on Friday that “love won,” someone refused to comment on the group leader after asking “what do you mean to love?”so Live stream Members of the group, uploaded a week ago, claimed that Calson was “stagnation” and refused medical care “at his own right.”

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Carlson’s image from the 2016 video.

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Carlson’s image from the 2016 video.

YouTube / love won

Saguache County coroner Tom Perrin told The Daily Beast that there was no indication that her death was caused by fraudulent play and that she was very thin. “It’s possible that this woman was taking colloidal silver,” he said. (group Sprooked before Colloid for treating compulsive behavior. )

He added that it would probably take weeks to complete the autopsy, including the toxicology report.

Senior law enforcement sources who spoke to The Daily Beast said they had two children, 13 and 2 years old, inside when they arrived home. The 13-year-old was then taken to family services for long-term care.

Seven members of the group were taken to Rio Grande County Prison on Thursday at 1:30 am in connection with their death and are held in separate cells. “They were supportive. We hold them for Saguache County,” said Sheriff Sgt Jared Quintanos, Rio Grande.

Ryan Kramer, John Robertson, Jason Castillo, and Obdulia Franco Gonzalez were each detained with a $ 50,000 deposit with two child abuses and one tampering with a dead body.

Christopher Royer and Sarah Rudolph were detained on two charges: child abuse and corpse abuse with a $ 2,000 deposit. Karin Raymond was detained on two charges: child abuse, corpse abuse, and arrest with a $ 5,000 deposit.

The first appearance of all seven will take place on May 6th at the Saguache County Courthouse.

Profaci told The Daily Beast that he had caught up with the group from a distance and saw Carlson’s health worsen.

“I saw her death come based on what had happened in the last few months,” he said. “I saw her picture. Her health deteriorated significantly. Her legs were like toothpicks. She was fine when I was there.”

He said Carlson never used people “intentionally” but believed he was in “complete delusions.” While he estimates that the group had thousands of followers around the world while he was a member, the Colorado complex is “a house full of freeloaders smoking a lot of cannabis.” was.

“It’s been much darker because I’m gone,” he said. “I heard from another member that they moved her body to Colorado for worship and other purposes.”

Carlson’s family said in a VICE documentary that he worked at McDonald’s in his thirties until he adopted the New Age belief.

On the group’s website, she claimed to be “the 534th reincarnation in my beloved planet, the center of the universe, and my quest to regain the first planet I created.”

Proponents believe that Carlson is a sacred entity capable of curing illness, and that providing financial support to the group will one day lead them to a new mysterious fifth dimension.

However, former members described the group as a “cult” to VICE, saying Carlson was a heavy drinker who behaved irregularly.

“It’s a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of mental manipulations, a lot of brainwashing,” former member Taylor told VICE. “She puts us to sleep for only four hours. Everything we need to wake up at 5am every day … revolved around Amy.”

Profaci said the group believed that it was spreading awareness of mental awakening and helping people “wake up and deal with their inner BS.”

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Carlson appeared to be losing weight, as shown in this background photo from a recent live stream.

YouTube / love won“src =”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Ni40ODcxNzk0ODcxNzk1/ pyyeQwLLksbtKbO0yIB1bA–~ B / aD02NTg7dz0xMTcwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u /” class=”caas-img”

Carlson appeared to be losing weight, as shown in this background photo from a recent live stream.

YouTube / love won

The group ran out of Hawaii last year when they tried to move to a home on Kauai. Neighbors opposed their stay, protests outside the home became very hot, and police had to facilitate their exit. According to Maui police..

“Several protests, vandalism and small fires were reported during our stay on Kauai,” Maui police said in a news release. “On Friday, September 4, the protests escalated and the group eventually decided to leave Kauai for safety.” According to police, Carlson and 13 others returned to Colorado.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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