Corruption that is “endemic” to Australian Labor Party claims federal parliamentarians

Parliamentarians said the Australian Labor Party’s Victorian branch was “totally out of control” on the first day of an independent widespread anti-corruption commission (IBAC) hearing on allegations of corruption and branch accumulation by Labor members and their branches. Insisted that it was. Staff funded by taxpayers.

We are also investigating whether public funds granted by the Victoria State Government are being misused for political activities and other inappropriate purposes of political parties.

Commonwealth Labor Party Anthony Burn, a longtime member of Holt, said in a testimony on Monday that he had long been concerned about corruption in the Victorian branch of the ALP.

“The party was completely out of control. I saw and heard things I had never seen in the modern Labor Party,” Burn said.

“I’m talking about branch stacking. I’m talking about forcing staff to do what they don’t want to do. I’m only aiming for power and power. He mentioned a party that was hijacked by one person. “

When asked by a lawyer supporting the investigation of Chris Carr SC, the person pointed out in the comment, Byrne replied, “Adem Somiurek.”

He said he observed Somiurek and Labor Rep. Marine Kyles observing taxpayers forcing funded voters and ministerial staff to work in political factions during paid hours. rice field.

In Australia, political parties elect representatives and run for public office through a pre-selection system that relies on members of each constituency to vote for priority candidates.

Branch stacking practitioners recruit and register members to influence the outcome of pre-selecting candidates. Although not illegal, this practice is prohibited under the rules of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

Burn was filmed by 60 Minutes and The Age, with a secretly recorded tape showing state legislator Adem Somiurek participating in branch stacking and corruption at Melbourne’s regional office in Burn. After being reportedly filmed, he has been deeply involved in the investigation.

Brin further claimed that branch stacking was “widespread” within the party, including branch stacking such as Tim Richardson, Luke Doneran, Katie Hall, Tien Kieu, and Men Heng Tak. Nominated several members allegedly engaged.

Byrne also admitted that he was connected to branch stacking. His Holt seat was acquired with the help of the faction “Heavyweight” when his former MP, Gareth Evans, retired.

In addition, he said the system was “firmly established” and allowed him to pay members about $ 2,000 each year, with Somiurek and Labor Minister Luke Doneran saying “about the same amount, perhaps more in the last few years. I would have spent a lot of it. ” “

Byrne also revealed that donations from fundraising are regularly used to renew membership. This behavior was “very obvious”, so those who participated in these fundraising activities were aware that “some or all of the donations would be used for them. [membership renewal] contribution”.

Congressmen are also encouraged to donate financial membership to ALP members who are eager to become politicians so that they are “supported” by the seats when they open. I said it would be. He paid $ 5,000 to the federal seat, knowing that former Bill Shorten adviser Steve Michelson would be given preferential treatment when a former member was “retired or kicked out of the seat.” Insisted.

Marina Chan