Cory Booker joins cousin RuPaul at the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season finale

Senator New Jersey appeared to explain the rules of lip-sync SmackDown at the season 13 finale.

Sen. Cory Booker I participated RuPaul To the season finale RuPaul’s Drag Grace And the two reminded athletes and fans of their kinship during the broadcast.

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Booker appeared via a recorded video to explain the rules of Lip Sync SmackDown and was introduced by host RuPaul.

“Now, welcome US Senator and my cousin Cory Booker to explain the rules of Lip Sync SmackDown,” RuPaul said.

Competitors showed a bit of confusion at the time of the announcement, and RuPaul reiterated, “No, really, we’re involved.”

Cory Booker RuPaul

Cory Booker, left, (photo by Albert E. Rodriguez / Getty Images) and RuPaul, right, (photo by Liatoby / Getty Images)

“Thank you, my cousin RuPaul,” said Booker, a Democrat in New Jersey, when the video message began. “I want to say, thank you. In life, we weren’t born to fit. We were born to stand out. Make the most of ourselves and always live the lives of others. To enhance and enrich. “

He continued with a quote from a deceased member. John Lewis: “Do not diminish, darken, or diminish your light to anyone, to anyone, to any force.”

Senator added, “Thank God, thank America, and thank God to my cousin RuPaul.”

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After they both appeared in episodes of the PBS series Find your roots, The two learned about family ties. In October 2020, the series revealed that Booker and RuPaul share a long stretch of the same DNA on the first chromosome.

“He looks like my relatives,” RuPaul said. “There is his sweetness and undeniable intelligence that I have always loved, but every time I meet him, he reminds me of my cousin. Yura… How about that. “

At that time, the booker Wendy Williams Show Discuss his newly found relatives. He said of the news, “I told everyone who would listen in my world.”

“Well, my mom knows. I love RuPaul. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him since the news was released, but I was very happy with the news. He and I someday have a family Reunion. “

As the season finale of Drag racing continue, Simone Came out above.During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Winners shared the importance of centering blackness during drag performance.

“I love black culture, black women, and the strength that comes from us. My audition was a great accident because I had little intention of doing it. I barely completed the tape. Yes, but the stars were aligned as I am here. [I thought] What is it [my presence] Does it make sense to people when this airs? “She said.

“Do I feel responsible? Yes, I’m black, so I have menstruation, and now I have a platform for talking and talking. But that’s just who I am. That’s why it’s It made it much more impactful. It’s real, it’s real, it feels like she’s really here, and sheds light on this beauty that’s overlooked in my opinion. felt.”

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