Cottonmouth turf wars take a comical turn as raccoons step into the middle of a North Carolina swamp battle

A snake researcher documenting cottonmouth territorial fights in North Carolina saw a tense fight goofy when a self-absorbed raccoon wandered into the water.

Video posted on Facebook Show by Herpetologist Frederick Boyce at least 5 adults (each 30-35 inches long) were in the water when the raccoons made the decidedly unnecessary decision to join them.

Seen to come within feet of two tangled cottonmouths and then emerge from the mud unscathed.

Boyce told McClatchy News, “Rather than being surprised, I was like, ‘Oh, here comes the raccoon!

“These animals have shared the same habitat for thousands of years, long before the first humans arrived. I am doing well.

Cottonmouth (also known as water moccasins) and raccoons are not considered ferocious enemies.An adult raccoon weighs about 25 pounds, Too big for a cottonmouth to eat comfortably.and a raccoon “I’m a lazy hunter” They eat snakes but prefer to avoid fights, pest experts say.

A snake fight lasting more than 10 minutes was recorded in a coastal woodland area posted on the Facebook Snake Research page. cottonmouth acres. The 25-acre site is home to about 100 “resident” adults and their offspring, according to Boyce, who works at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.

Cottonmouth Acres has over 11,150 Facebook followers, and the raccoon video has crossed the page with nearly 24,000 views and hundreds of reactions.

This includes commenters who applauded the raccoon “I care about myself” in an awkward moment.

“Raccoon: ‘I saw nothing, knew nothing'” Tammy Collier I have written.

“Raccoons are crazy” Jeff Thomas Posted.

“I wish I could be as brave as this raccoon!” Amy Arnold Hornsby Said.

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There is a poisonous cottonmouth commune on the North Carolina coast and it has a Facebook page.

The giant cottonmouth in this video is one of the longest seen in North Carolina.