Couple advances wedding amid PEI chaos by post-tropical storm Fiona


Naomi and Tyler Wheeler have weathered pandemics, wildfires, heat waves, minor earthquakes, and most recently, the post-tropical storm that devastated vast swaths of Atlantic Canada.

When former Hurricane Fiona hit Prince Edward Island on Saturday, devastating much of the state, couple Together we promise weather storms, and other apocalyptic events that life throws at us.

In front of 85 to just 16 guests they hoped to entertain, the Wheelers professed their love for each other and exchanged rings at the Rod Charlottetown Hotel in the heart of downtown the capital. .

of couple They officially tied the knot in a small ceremony in Halifax in 2017 and decided to throw a party later.

“We tried to schedule it three times,” Naomi Wheeler said with a laugh. “And COVID kept getting in the way.

of couple Lives in the bride’s California hometown. The groom is from Montagu, PEI. They wanted to throw a party for Tyler Wheeler’s family and other friends who can’t make it to Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, they landed in Charlottetown as Fiona circled the waters to the south. However, their friends canceled as the storm approached Canada and the warnings intensified.of couple I was disappointed, but I understood. They wanted the safety of their friends and family.

“There was a stage of grief about it,” Tyler Wheeler said. “We don’t believe this could happen.”

of couple Then she decided to just go with the flow, said the bride.

“The current is just a hurricane.”

The wedding was delayed an hour and a half while officiant Sarah Hubbell and the groom helped the family repair the roof.The Wheelers first met as students at a party in Montreal in 2013. I was. Later that night, the two recognized each other at a club they went to act as their friend’s “Wing People.”

“We were terrible wing people,” said the bride.

Nine years later, when Fiona is enraged, couple Finally, he said, he celebrated love and friendship with his closest friends in a storm-adapted ceremony, sprinkled with personal touches.

The room was lit with 30 candles and 3 iPhone flashlights. Prayers and vows were read by candlelight and headlamps, Haberl said.

The ceremony included poetry. couple And there were some “lovey-dovey things,” she said.

The rings that the Wheelers eventually exchanged were first passed around the room for guests to offer their blessings.

The raspberry and vanilla swirl cake was topped with fresh flowers and made by the groom’s sister-in-law.

One of the first songs the partygoers danced to was the famous ocean shanty “Barrett’s Privateers.”

“I had to put a little Nova Scotia in there,” said the groom.

during the celebration couple There was some sadness because the groom’s grandparents were unable to attend.

Reflecting on the ceremony and the whirlwind days of the past few days, the bride said she didn’t realize how fast and how bad the weather could get. And I was overwhelmed by how everyone came together.

“I think we embraced it. It was a lovely, lovely, cozy, intimate night,” she said. “I feel so loved.”

Hina Aram

canadian press