Court refuses bail for free convoy organizer Tamara Lich

A court in Ontario denied bail on Tamararich, one of the main organizers of the Freedom Convoy protest in downtown Ottawa, which opposes federal COVID-19 obligations and restrictions.

A judge in Ottawa’s court ruled on February 22 after Lich said at a hearing that he would give up defending the protest and return to Alberta.

Rich, who was arrested in Ottawa on February 17 and charged with counseling for mischief, appeared before Judge Julie Bourjois in the Ontario State Court at a bail hearing on February 19.

Meanwhile, the House of Commons voted in favor of the federal government taking steps under emergency law on February 21 to respond to the opposition.

The Liberal Party and the NDP resolved to approve the measure, and the Conservatives and Bloc Québécois voted against it.

The Senate will begin its own discussions on measures on February 22nd.

On February 14, the Free Government enacted an emergency law, giving authorities additional authority to wipe out protesters who had been parked in the heart of downtown Ottawa for three weeks.

Several financial measures have also been introduced to reduce funding for protests, including expanding money laundering prevention regulations to include crowdfunding platforms and digital currencies. Under the new measures, banks can also freeze the accounts of individuals and businesses involved in a protest without a court order.

A majority of state prime ministers said there was no need to enforce emergency legislation.

In a video posted on social media, Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney resolves a recent cross-border protest between Canada and the United States that was in solidarity with the protest in Ottawa without the need for additional authority. Pointed out Alberta and Ottawa who succeeded in.

Ottawa police said In the statement As of 8 am on February 21, police had arrested 196 people and 110 faced various charges. Police also said that 115 vehicles related to the protest were towed.

Canadian Press contributed to this article.

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