Court refuses bail on free convoy protester Pat King

An Ontario court has opposed the obligations and restrictions of Federal COVID-19 in a voice protester, Pat King, who has participated in a large-scale protest called “Freedom Convoy” in downtown Ottawa over the past few weeks. I refused bail.

Arrested in Ottawa on February 18, King faces mischief, counseling to mischief, counseling to commit crimes that do not obey court orders, and counseling to thwart police.

He is often referred to in the media as one of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy protest, and his Facebook page has more than 350,000 followers.

But Keith Wilson, A lawyer at the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom on behalf of the organizer said at a press conference on February 6th: King is not one of the organizers..

“These people [the protest organizers] “Freedom Convoy has nothing to do with Mr. King,” Wilson said.There are many people in the forum who claim to be spokespersons and representatives. ”

On February 25, security judge Andrew Seymour said he was not happy not to commit the same crimes he was accused of, even if King was released.

Seymour said the evidence provided by the King in his decision “depicts a portrait of an individual who has a clear intention to continue the opposition movement and is indifferent to the results.”

Solmare, King is another protester and his Huge Facebook followers..

Seymour also said he was not confident in King’s proposed guarantor, Kelly Comics. Kelly Comics is an Alberta woman who knew King for about four weeks and came to Ottawa as part of the Optimus Prime protest.

Justice of the Peace could have played the role of organizer in the convoy, noting her link to the convoy’s crypto tokens aimed at raising funds for protesters who remained in the center of the capital. He said there was some evidence of sex.

King is associated with the convoy, including organizers Tamara Rich and Chris Barber, and supporter Daniel Bruford, a former RCMP member working on logistics, security, and security issues on the ground in Ottawa. I was ordered not to contact the main characters of. Freedom convoy.

Rich, who was arrested in Ottawa on February 17, was denied bail on February 22.

A barber arrested on the same day as Rich was released on bail on February 19 after being charged with playing his role in a protest in downtown Ottawa.

Bruford was arrested on February 18, and released 12 hours later for free.

Canadian Press contributed to this report

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.