Court rejected bid to overturn suspension by AFN National Chief Rose Anne Archibald


The Ottawa-First Nations Council states that a court in Ontario has rejected a bid to overturn the recent suspension by President Roseanne Archibald.

The organization issued a statement Thursday, stating that a judge in the Ontario Superior Court refused to take action in response to Archibald’s request for a hearing before the start of the annual meeting in Vancouver next week. rice field.

Archibald argued that her suspension was illegal because the executive committee did not have the authority to suspend the president.

Parliamentary Executive Committee argued that the potential proceedings raised issues to be dealt with through the internal dispute resolution process and future meetings.

“This decision … does not endorse the claim that our actions are illegal or out of our authority,” regional director Paul Prosper said in a statement. “I’m sorry that the President of the People’s Republic of China chose the path of confrontation in the colonial courts to resolve this.”

Archibald was suspended for a fee by AFN’s Executive Committee on June 17, until four complaints filed against her by her staff were investigated.

The day before, Archibald issued a statement claiming she had been persecuted for attempting to investigate corruption in parliament. She also sought an independent audit of AFN over the last eight years.

The Executive Committee states that Archibald’s allegations violated her oath of office, the organization’s code of conduct and whistleblower policies.Similarly, Archibald was ordered not to publicly discuss her investigation.

Meanwhile, the Commission has now stated that Archibald will be allowed to attend the Vancouver Conference. There she has the opportunity to speak to a resolution that ratifies the head of parliament and calls for her to continue her suspension.

The Commission had previously stated that Archibald would be barred from attending the meeting.

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