Court rulings defamation proceedings filed by former apprentice contestant against Trump

New York State Court of Appeals Dominate on Tuesday Defamation proceedings against former President Donald Trump filed by former President apprentice Contestant Summer Zelbos can move on.

Zelbos accused Trump of having been sexually assaulted twice, forcing him to kiss and fumble. In 2017, Zelbos filed a defamation proceeding after accusing Trump of lying. His lawyer claimed he was exempt from liability because he was president and the proceedings were put on hold in January 2020.

In a statement, Beth Wilkinson, a Zelbos lawyer, said, “There is no more excuse to delay Mr. Zelbos’s justice because Trump is” now a private sector. “We are back in court of first instance. I am eager to prove it. ” Her claim. Zelbos and her legal team want Trump to be forced to testify under an oath about her allegations.

Trump is also facing a criminal investigation and a second defamation proceeding filed by writer E. Jean Carroll. Carroll accused him of raping Trump at a Manhattan department store in the 1990s, and in 2019 she sued him for defamation after he publicly denied the allegations.

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