Courtney Stodden announces engagement on Instagram, showing off a huge ring

Courtney Stodden I am engaged.

The model and singer went to Instagram on Sunday to show off a photo of a giant engagement ring and announced that they officially said “yes” to more than 309,000 followers.

In a statement to Fox News, the star said, “I didn’t expect to get married again, but I’m here.”

They also revealed that their new fiancée was businessman and entrepreneur Chris Shen. Stodden first published this news on Instagram.

“I said yes … oh, and made me gag that the ring was so beautiful.” Added caption to video post..

Stodden posted an Instagram story to show off the glittering ring even more, hold it directly over the camera, and bring it closer to show off its glittering goodness.

Courtney Stodden tells Britney Spears “SCARY” similarities: “I was the blonde in the next train wreck to BULLY.”

January 2020, Studden Divorce was established From “Green MileActor Doug Hutchison quit three years after calling it. The two headlined when they first got together, thanks to their age difference. Hutchison is now 61. At the age of 16, he married Studden at the age of 16, when he was 51 at the time.

A few months later, Studden was spotted with Brian Austin Green during his divorce from Megan Fox. But before it became a concrete relationship, it disappeared.

Courtney Stodden blasts Chrissy Teigen as a minor in Dougup Suites for “harassment” and “slut-shaming”

To Exclusive statement to Fox News In July, Studden explained that they and 46-year-old Green were having fun together, suggesting they were physical until the star was forced to block his number.

“I blocked him after some of the other women he was playing came out before,” Stoden insisted. “I am with them and believe in them.”

“Brian wanted me to keep his little secret,” Stoden insisted, further calling Green a “woman.”

Stoden recently headlined by calling rather than their dating life Chrissy Teigen About suspicion of cyberbullying.

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Studden Published on Fox News last year About the years of online bullying that the “Christy Court” star allegedly made a sneaky statement to Studden to “kill” himself.

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With this exposure, Teigen announced an apology, and since then she has been relatively silent on social media.

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