COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine “Fundamental Violations of Human Rights”: UK Law Firm


The law firm has brought to court a compulsory COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Policy for the UK Government. It states that it constitutes a “fundamental violation” of human rights.

PGMBM, a London-based law firm, said it would seek permission from the High Court for a judicial review of the government’s policy on hotel quarantine.

At a two-hour hearing scheduled for Thursday, the company will present evidence to the judge and the judge will decide whether to allow the review.

To curb the spread of the Omicron variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which was first detected in South Africa, the British government is now spending a full 10 days at a quarantine hotel for people entering the UK from 11 African countries. It is obligatory. Traveling alone costs £ 2,285 ($ 3,031).

Tom Goodhead, Managing Partner of PGMBM, said: However, this does not mean that the policies that make up the extraordinary violations of traditional freedom and human rights can escape the careful judicial review they deserve.

“Hotel quarantine is a fundamental violation of people’s human rights. Citizens who are double vaccinated and comply with a negative law should be released from hotel quarantine. They are their own. The idea of ​​having to pay for the privilege of imprisonment is ridiculous, which is why we are bringing the British government to court. “

Supporters of the case include Owen Hancock, 35, and Emily Many, 30, who have returned to London from a break in South Africa. They said a sudden government decision to impose a travel ban and demand that hotel quarantine be added to their financial predicament, and they are now £ 4,000 ($ 5,300) on their way home. Facing credit card billing.

The couple created an online petition, collected over 40,000 signatures, and asked the government to fund hotel quarantine costs for travelers caught in the same situation.

Many called government policy “ridiculously injustice.”

Hancock said it was “totally unfair and unreasonable” to pay for the hotel’s forced quarantine, which was suddenly imposed with a very short notice.

In response to the proceedings, a spokesperson for the British government said: We do not apologize for taking decisive action at the border and introducing hotel quarantine. All important checks have enhanced protection against the risk of new coronavirus variants such as Omicron. “

PA contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan