COVID-19 Pandemic “Further away from the end”

A case of coronavirus in LA County.

A case of coronavirus in LA County. Mario Tama / Getty Images

Infectious disease experts, such as World Health Organization epidemiologist Maria van Kerhob and the director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins, are disappointed with the current global approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. Washington post Report..

Coronavirus infections are increasing rapidly in the United States and other countries, with increased deaths and hospitalizations, primarily due to stagnant vaccination drives and the increased presence of more contagious so-called delta mutants. .. “We are farther from the end than we should be,” Van Kerhob said. Said Position.. “We are now in a bad place in the world.”

Nevertheless, people in some parts of the world, and governments, do not always adhere to the same precautions they took in the early days of the pandemic. “I’ve been to this movie several times in the last year and a half, but it doesn’t work,” Collins said. Said Position.. “For some reason, we’re running the tape again. It’s all predictable.” Read more Washington locationt..

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