COVID-19 pass must guarantee free movement

Brussels — European lawmakers Thursday, COVID-19 certificate aimed at facilitating travel across the European Union moves freely this summer, likely to clash with Member State privileges in upcoming negotiations He said it should be enough to do.

EU legislators said Thursday in a negotiating position on the Commission’s proposal that the EU government should not impose quarantine, inspection, or self-quarantine measures on certificate holders.

Last month, EU executives proposed distributing certificates to EU residents who could prove they had been vaccinated, and to those who tested negative for the virus or had evidence of recovery from the virus. ..

The European Commission’s goal is to facilitate the transfer from one member state to another during a pandemic. However, because border control is the authority of Member States, each of the 27 EU countries continues to have the right to add additional requirements to grant access to its soil.

“If members can ignore the certificate and impose additional restrictions whenever they like it, what does it mean to have a common European scheme?” Beld debates Sophie. Said in. “Citizens want their rights, they want freedom, they want to travel.”

Following Wednesday’s vote, when results were announced Thursday, negotiations between the European Parliament and the European Council can begin with the goal of approving the deal in June, before the summer season.

EU lawmakers said in their resolution that Member States were “universal, accessible, timely and free” to avoid discrimination against those who have not yet been vaccinated and travel based on PCR tests. “Guarantee the inspection of the”, he added. The European Commission predicts that about 70% of the EU’s adult population will be vaccinated by the end of summer.

In March, the European Commission proposed suspending the certificate once the World Health Organization declared the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. It needs to be in place for up to 12 months, and “the role of a travel document is neither a prerequisite for exercising the right to freedom of movement,” he said.

Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, chairman of the Civil Freedom Commission of the European Parliament, said: “Vaccines and tests need to be accessible to all citizens and free.”

Regarding the list of vaccines that can be included in the program, lawmakers have proposed to the European Commission that all vaccines stamped with rubber stamps by the European Medicines Agency, the EU drug regulator, should be automatically recognized. I agreed. They also offered EU countries the possibility to include other vaccines listed by WHO for emergency use.

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