COVID-19 positive in German figure skater Seagart test

On November 12, 2021, Germany’s Minerva Fabienne Hase and Nolandie Gerd (L) are active in a pair short program at the ISU Grand Prix of Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Stadium No. 1 Gymnasium, NHK Trophy, and figure skating. (Issei Kato / Reuters)

According to the Beijing-German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB), participation in the Beijing Olympics is suspicious after German figure skater Nolandie Gert tested positive for COVID-19.

Seagart, who competes with Minerva Fabienne Hase in pairs, is isolated in a hotel room without any symptoms.

“Currently, the figure skating team has also confirmed so-called close contact,” the DOSB said in a statement.

“Athletes may be released from quarantine if two consecutive negative tests are performed at 24-hour intervals. Affected individuals are tested twice daily.”

Many athletes were excluded from the game from February 4th to 20th after a positive test on arrival at the airport, but asymptomatic athletes have been quarantined.