COVID-19 restrictions end in Saskatchewan, vaccine passport “Very Soon”: premiere

Saskatchewan will end all COVID-19 restrictions, including vaccine passports and proof of “immediately” negative testing requirements.

Speak in Press conference On January 31, Prime Minister Scott Moe announced that his state is working to abolish all COVID-19 public health restrictions in the coming weeks.

“Our Caucus MLA hears this from people speaking throughout the state, and those they ultimately represent. People are returning to the government to normal, or public health restrictions. We are looking for ways to do that in the coming weeks here in Saskatchewan, “Moe said.

Moh’s announcement will take place on the same day that the Angus Reed Institute released a poll showing that it was time for the majority of Canadians to end the pandemic restrictions. Polls show that 54% of Canadians are in favor of removing all pandemic restrictions. This was an increase of 15 percentage points from a similar poll conducted earlier this month, with 40% in favor.

The majority of support for ending restrictions was shared in almost every region of the country except Atlantic Canada. Saskatchewan has the highest support at 62%, and residents say it’s time to open things up and make people self-reliant when in danger.

Justin Trudeau says a large convoy of truck drivers, who are currently protesting the mandatory vaccine in Ottawa, is part of the “fringe minority,” while Moh acknowledged the results of the January 31 Twitter vote. Swipe the Prime Minister’s recent comments.

“There are strong opinions on both sides of this issue, but neither side is a” small, fringe minority “with an” unacceptable view, “” Moe said. Said On Twitter.

Trudeau has fired truck drivers participating in the current protest in Ottawa and other truck drivers who have made progress to protest various COVID-19 restrictions, Press conference January 26th.

Moe said it was time to listen to the general public after people had adhered to the COVID-19 restrictions for over two years.

“I think it’s time for the government to do what the people of Saskatchewan want to be fair,” he said at a news conference, and public health officials told the government a strategy to “live with COVID.”

The Prime Minister said the COVID-19 vaccine no longer reduces infection with the Omicron variant, so a vaccine request program in his state will not be needed in the very near future.

He said that 78% of the new COVID-19 cases that occurred in the state in the past week occurred in fully vaccinated individuals.

“All these conclusions are that the vaccine is effective, but it is no longer possible to prevent COVID-19 infection in this wave, as we did earlier in the delta wave where the vaccine was very effective. It has no effect, “he said.

“That’s why the proof of vaccination we have or the proof of negative test requirements in Saskatchewan will soon end.”

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.