COVID-19: That’s not all of you.Get the vaccine and save the lives of others

Conservatives rarely frown on me like regressive progressives. However, quite a few people argue that if you don’t want to take the coronavirus vaccine, you shouldn’t. My frowns form permanent wrinkles.

In fact, when it is a matter of everyday morality, they assemble the matter as a matter of rights. According to calculations by most medical scientists in the world, without vaccination, the chances of getting infected are high and can kill yourself, your parents, grandparents, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers sitting next to you. Or the last person to hold the hand.

It’s not just about you and your rights, but about the immediate and even long-term harm you may do to others. It’s a matter of basic human dignity.

Let people recognize the right to enlightenment. But the right thing is that you don’t face criminal punishment by preventing the needle from being pushed into your arm. At the same time, the private sector has the right to sever you or not hire you if you are not shot.

Vaccination makes it much easier to remove the blockage. After all, personnel are obliged to protect other workers and customers as much as possible, such as by wrapping grenades, arsenic, and bowie knives around their waists to let them know they cannot come to work.

Just as airlines, subways, buses and other modes of transportation have the right to completely refuse to board anyone who does not have a shot, the supervisor tells you to get rid of such things. can do. ..

Indeed, a few scientists seem to think that vaccines are not needed for now. But the unpleasant truth is that a new variant of the virus is underway. Indeed, there are exceptions to vaccines like everything else. Given the statistics, I’m convinced that children under the age of 12 rarely should have them.

But it seems undeniable that vaccines have made a big difference in saving lives, and if we fight, the pandemic is at least approaching conditional surrender.

It’s not the same as saying we should continue forever in desperate virus horror mode. The chances of getting infected are small, and if you or someone else is not at least 60 years old, the chances of you dying or actually killing someone are incredibly small.

However, given the extent of the pandemic and the non-fatal harm it can cause, it is not yet a sufficient debate for the vaccine to go away.

If you don’t have a shot, talk to your doctor. If you don’t consult and believe that shots make you sick or they’re like a metaphysical curse, that’s fine. Proceed your life in a way that suits you, but don’t fly or fight flight attendants who are aware of this life obligation.

Jay Ambrose is an editorial columnist for the Tribune News Service.

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