COVID-Djokovic Survives Vaccine Exemption by Tennis Australia Chief Medical Officer: Lawyer

His lawyer claims that Novak Djokovic, the No. 1 tennis player, recovered from COVID-19 before traveling to Australia and met the vaccination exemption requirements given to the team by Australian contacts.

A 34-year-old Serb on Sunday stayed in an immigration camp in Melbourne after his visa was revoked by the Australian federal government.

His proceedings returned to court on Monday, and Djokovic fought for the right to stay in the country and the chance to hold the Australian Open title.

A document released by a federal court on Saturday shows that Djokovic was infected with COVID-19 on 16 December and was asymptomatic before arriving in Australia on 5 January.

Tennis champion lawyers claim to meet the criteria for temporary tax exemption under the guidelines of the Australian Immunotechnology Advisory Group (ATAGI). In addition, he was denied procedural fairness in his decision to revoke his temporary visa.

Court documents quote ATAGI’s advice as follows: Medical illness. “

Djokovic provided evidence that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on 16 December.

However, ATAGI has since changed its advice to be unaware of previous infections.

“Mr. Djokovic wrote a letter on December 30, 2021 recording that the Chief Medical Officer of Tennis Australia had provided a” medical exemption from COVID vaccination “because of his recent recovery from COVID.” received. ..

In a letter leaked to the media, Tennis Australia refused that the player was deliberately misunderstood and claimed that the organizers followed the “instructions.”

Meanwhile, court documents state that the interior affairs officer said: “Visa holders (Djokovic) said Tennis Australia has promoted a medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination requirements and has completed the Australian Travel Declaration on his behalf.

“I think Tennis Australia has facilitated his medical tax exemption and Australian travel declaration based on the information provided (Djokovic). Therefore, I think these are situations that should be taken into account beyond (Djokovic’s) control. I don’t think it constitutes.

“I support visa cancellation because of this factor and apply considerable weight,” said the representative.

After arriving Wednesday night, Djokovic was questioned by authorities at times including 4 am, and court documents showed that he had a sleepless night before his visa was revoked at 7:42 am. I am.

A partial record of the interview included “stated that he was not vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Djokovic previously refused to check the status of vaccinations.