COVID man died while waiting for transfer to hospital

Worcester, Massachusetts — Male and Pizza Shop Owner in Massachusetts Died while waiting for the hospital bed to open After being infected with COVID-19

Antonios “Tony” Tsantinis, 68, from East Brookfield died on December 10. He fell ill shortly after Thanksgiving, and his longtime companion Angela Diurio was also ill. During their trip to the emergency room, they both tested positive for COVID-19.

They posted on social media on November 30th to inform people that their business Athens Pizza will be closed due to their positive testing. This is a rare event.

Tsantinis was admitted to a hospital in Southbridge after his daughter, Rona Tsantinis Roy, realized she was quite ill. He needed additional care that the hospital couldn’t provide and looked for an available hospital bed.

“They called all hospitals within 75 miles,” said Tsantinis-Roy, adding that he was ill and could not be transferred by the time the Connecticut hospital had a place for him.


Antonios “Tony” Tsantinis

When he fought COVID-19, his kidneys began to fail and he needed dialysis, According to NPR..

After a while, Tsantinis-Roy and her brother Andy Tsantinis met their dad, but to say goodbye.

“He literally looked into my eyes and said this didn’t have to happen,” Tsantinis Roy told NPR when the doctor told her her father had died.

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Tsantinis was not vaccinated and “did not believe in the vaccine,” Tsantinis-Roy told the outlet.

Tsantinis-Roy said he believed his father should have had more time, but by that time he had a ventilator, needed dialysis, and his beloved father, grandfather, friends, and farmer. I realized that there was nothing left to save the equipment. Pizza shop counter.

Cases of COVID-19 have skyrocketed since the advent of the Omicron variant last November. Modelers predict that another 50,000 to 300,000 Americans will die from the virus until the wave of new incidents subsides in mid-March. According to the Associated Press..

Kim Ling contributed to this report

This article was originally published in Telegram & Gazette. Massachusetts pizzeria owner with COVID dies waiting for hospital bed