COVID patient moves to Texas Hospital after wife complains to keep him on a Minnesota ventilator

Scott Quiner had been fighting COVID-19 on a ventilator in Minnesota for months, but after a life-threatening court battle with his hospital, his family moved him to Texas for treatment. , The outlet reports.

MN, a 55-year-old man from Buffalo, Quiner Diagnosed as COVID-19 In late October, Star Tribune reported. By November 6, he had been transferred to Mercy Hospital and fitted with a ventilator. Since then he has been breathing.

Quiner was not vaccinated, Outlet reported.

After using the machine for more than two months, Quiner’s doctor decided to remove him from the machine on January 13.

His wife, Ann Quiner, has filed a proceeding to prevent the hospital from removing the ventilator. The affidavit read that this was an action that “ends my husband’s life.”

“I’m looking for a new facility to take care of my husband, but I need more time,” he said.

Ann Quiner also reportedly asked her doctor to try other treatments and medications. It’s not clear what those alternative treatments were, but doctors refused.

Hospital lawyers claimed that Quiner’s position was “not supported by medicine or Minnesota law,” the document said.

Eventually, the judge ordered a detention order to keep Scott Quiner on the ventilator, and another hearing was held on February 11.

Marjorie Holsten, a lawyer representing Quiners, told television station KMSP that Scott Quiner was flown by helicopter. Hospital somewhere in Texas..

McClutch News asked Holsten for comment.

Holsten’s social media shows a history of skepticism about the scientific community and an article sharing false information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The lawyer told KMSP that he hopes Scott Quiner’s condition will improve at Texas Hospital.

“And as he gets better and better, we’ll see what you know, there are protocols that should be used that hospitals aren’t using,” Holsten told the outlet. “And I hope that changes will be made as a result of this incident.”

Alina HealthOutlet reported that Quiner, who runs Mercy Hospital, where he was being treated in Minnesota, confirmed that he had been moved to a facility in Texas.

According to a KARE statement, “the patient was transferred to a family-selected medical facility (Saturday morning).” “Allina Health is grateful that families were able to find a medical facility that meets their needs and we hope they are all the best.”

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