COVID response accelerates Canada’s transition to collectivism


From time to time, changes occur in very stages, most of us unnoticed. Canada’s steady progress towards a collectivist and authoritarian mindset over the last decade was such a change. However, last year’s events cannot deny the change in culture. Group rights are included. Individual rights are out.

A National Post Columnist Recently, he explained this change by calling on all healthcare professionals to administer the COVID vaccine or face dismissal. She is clearly disgusted, stating that employers cannot legally require vaccination of all workers.

Indeed, people have this right. It is worth noting that the concept of voluntary informed consent, which is characteristic of medical care in civilized society, is now regarded as an irrational and selfish obstacle to unquestionable goals.

Despite being fed a fateful diet all year round, there is actually some good news at the forefront of COVID. For one thing, the World Health Organization estimates that the average survival rate for infected people is about 99.7%, and young people are almost completely immune to the worst consequences of the virus. In Ontario, of the 7,428 deaths from COVID at the time of writing, only 104 were under the age of 50. Life expectancy from the virus remains around life expectancy.

The better news is that asymptomatic spreads (social distance, masks, all reasons for blockade) have proven to be negligible. A Meta-analysis Of the 54 international studies published by the National Library of Medicine, 18% of symptomatic people infected household members with the virus, while asymptomatic people infected household members with the virus. Was only 0.7%. Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid of healthy people.

Vaccine makers have also succeeded in producing COVID shots within a year, claiming they are effective in preventing serious illness and death. AstraZeneca, like Pfizer and Moderna, boasts “100% protection” against serious illnesses that require hospitalization. In other words, if you happen to be in a vulnerable group such as the elderly, obesity, and / or suffering from serious comorbidities, Jab needs to protect you.

While these vaccines are a welcome option for people who are more vulnerable to COVID, they are not without known and unknown risks. If the risk of COVID is high, a new vaccine approved in an emergency may make sense. However, if you are under the age of 65 and do not have a chronic illness that shortens your lifespan, you may quite reasonably prefer not to take it. Pfizer’s own up-to-date information shows that there is not yet enough information on pregnancy safety to provide informed consent. Many of the health care workers who claim that National Post columnists are vaccinated to continue working are women of childbearing age.

Given current information and known risk profiles, imposing vaccinations on everyone, including children, is very unconscionable and unethical. Is that where we are heading? You would think so. For example, National Post columnists aren’t happy to stay with people who interact directly with patients. “Anyone who handles and delivers food, cleans the floor, or makes phone calls in hospitals and long-term care facilities has been vaccinated,” she said.

The Ontario Government’s February Super Bowl ad also promoted the shot with all its arms. “Stay at home and save lives until we are all vaccinated.” This ad is aimed at young adults who have an almost 100% chance of surviving COVID. However, if they make a completely rational decision not to be vaccinated, they will soon face restrictions of freedom and access to similarities in normal life as the demand for “vaccine passports” increases. It may be rejected. This is compulsory, pure and simple.

As with virtually all of last year’s pandemic response, which began with an unprecedented widespread blockade, the advocacy of mandatory and universal vaccination is freed from past practices, plans, evidence, and rationality. It has all been morally urgent, fueled by collective fears that instinctively mess up individual rights, desires, and interests.

Under the Canadian Rights and Freedom Charter, citizens have the right to human freedom and security, which gives us autonomy for choices that affect our own physical and psychological integrity. I will. If the requirements are broad and interfere with their rights in a way unrelated to their purpose, it violates the basic principles of justice. Vaccines that are mandatory for everyone are unconstitutional in that respect.

Oh, but personal rights and freedoms are no longer important to many Canadians!The important thing is that the frightened person feels safe and is vaccinated to virtually eliminate the personal potential of severe illness. Just not enough.. Everyone else needs to show moral value and obedience to the group. Even better, they need to put it on their social media profiles so that everyone can guarantee their goodness and compliance.

It turns out that the authoritarian and groupist tendencies that many Canadians showed this year were completely predictable. In a 2013 study entitled “Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Epidemics Predict Authoritarianism,” the author wrote the relationship between the threat of infectious diseases and changes in individual behavior and attitudes towards authoritarianism. I found.

This change is very apparent in many of our fellow citizens. They shot at their neighbors and counted their heads into the local church. It brings people who have been revered as experts from world-class institutions such as Stanford, Oxford and Harvard, but who have gathered around a story of unquestionable consensus about the benefits of the blockade and challenged that approach. You can see it in a shameful way.

It requires others to be trapped, masked, and punished for the breach (even if there is no harm, such as bouncing basketball alone in the park). Many police officers and articles of incorporation have forgotten the roots of local police and become trivial tyrants, issuing tickets to pastors and subduing small business owners who bite BBQ ribs.

Undoubtedly, the crisis provokes a desire to act in the “common good,” and some threats need to be pulled together. However, as studies on behavioral prediction show, this individual-level authoritarianism forms a political system, not a political system that shapes an individual’s attitude. In other words, our response to this virus will reshape our society and accelerate those tendencies towards authoritarianism and the majority of tyranny. We are soon on the road to a very dark place.

Here’s a better way: Once vulnerable people are given the opportunity to vaccinate and thereby no longer face a significant risk of serious illness, all restrictions on the lives of citizens need to be lifted immediately. There is no mandatory vaccine. I don’t have a passport.

Eventually, when our limbic system had time to re-adapt to life without constant fear, it was public about why all previous pandemic plans were thrown out of the window in response to panic and public pressure. Need to be investigated. All Canadians should personally consider why many were willing to sacrifice the hard-earned basic human rights and dignity, and unnecessarily. Living in constant fear is dangerous to individuals and society. It’s time to check the reality before doing any more damage.

Lisa Bildy is a lawyer at the Judiciary Center for Constitutional Freedom. She can follow her on Twitter @LDBildy.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.