COVID’s “soft” police officer died less than a year after joining Texas police

A Texas police officer remembered her “gentle speech,” but officials said she died of COVID-19 on Thursday.

Georgetown Police Officer Michelle GattiThe 44-year-old joined the U.S. Air Force within a year after serving for 23 years, officials said. She died Thursday after a “courageous battle” with the coronavirus.

“The officer Gatti will be memorable for her wonderful smile, gentle speech, and dedication to our country and our community,” the Georgetown Police Department said in a Facebook post. .. “She really illustrated the meaning of having a servant’s heart.”

Gattey was an intern at the police station before deciding to become an officer. She attended a police academy at the end of last year and became a police officer in January. Shortly before her death, Gatti was preparing to become a service coordinator for the victims of the department.

“Her family, her friends, and all of us will miss her indescribably,” the police said.

Georgetown is a city of about 71,000 people, just north of Austin.

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