Cows caught in a tree after hurricane Aida was rescued by workers in Bayeux, Louisiana


Following Hurricane Aida, the Luizians began to assess the damage caused by the storm and work to help their neighbors, Whether they are humans or cows.

Diocese of St. Bernard on Tuesday night I shared a video Taking care of Louisiana’s classic neighbors: Roadyard Chief Operating Officer Louis Pomes and parish civil servants Tyler Acosta, David Palmer, and Roy Lagan Sr. saved a cow caught in a tree.

Rescue workers found a cow stuck in Florissant, Louisiana, east of New Orleans.

The video quickly spread by word of mouth and received tens of thousands of views and likes on social media. It has been played over 75,000 times on Facebook.

Reporters and other social media users shared their distrust of situations that are strange to both humans and animals.

OK? : If you live in an area affected by Ida, here are some ways to mark yourself as “safe” on Facebook:

How to help: Want to donate or volunteer to help people affected by Hurricane Aida?

At least 2 million Louisiana residents remained helpless on Wednesday Triggered by heavy rain and strong winds in Ida. At least seven deaths were due to the storm when the storm wreckage moved north.

One person was killed in a heavy rain flood from Aida’s wreckage on Wednesday in Rockville, Maryland.

Ida is tied for the fifth strongest hurricane hitting the continental United States Based on the wind speed at the time of landing.

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This article was originally published in Monroe News-Star: Cow caught on a tree in Louisiana after Hurricane Aida: Viral Video