CPR-trained police officers who first responded to Amad Arbury’s shooting scene testified that they did not provide assistance because they were “not well trained.”

Former Glynn County Police Officer who later first responded to the scene Armor berry In February 2020, it was shot in the Satilla Shores district, not far from Arburys Brunswick in Brunswick, Georgia. He testified on Monday that he did not take life-saving measures because he was “not well trained.”

Ricky Minshu also began a full week of testimony in the murder trial of three men accused of murdering Arbury on Monday when a neighbor tried to “hunt down” and “block” him chasing him. He said he admitted it in the scene he did. “Block” Arberry at least 5 times before shooting.

Former CPR-trained police officers testify that they did not provide assistance to Armode Arbury because they were not well trained.Photo: ABC News / YouTube Screenshot

Former CPR-trained police officers testify that they did not provide assistance to Armode Arbury because they were not well trained.Photo: ABC News / YouTube Screenshot

Neighbor William “Rodi” Brian told Minshu on the scene: According to the copy of the body camera image I read in court, I don’t know.

Brian and his father and son duo Greg and Travis McMichael were charged with murdering Arbury and accused of chasing the 25-year-old for five minutes before Travis McMichael shot him three times.

Minshu was in the neighborhood on February 23, 2020, and when Arberry was flagged by a man standing on a bloody street, he made a non-urgent call about a black man leaving the house under construction. I responded.

“I was the only police officer on the scene and there was no way I could switch to medical care and still monitor my surroundings without other police forces monitoring behind me.” Minshu, who received CPR, trained and testified on Monday.

Minshu said he heard “rumbling” when Arbury died.

Arbury’s mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, questioned why Minshu did not provide assistance to her son. “I understand he had to go to the crime scene and secure it, but at the same time he had a man lying in the middle of the road in a pool of blood,” she said on Monday. Told to.

Defense lawyers said a man was trying to arrest a civilian on suspicion that Arbury had stolen from a house under construction, and Travis McMichael fired a Remington shotgun for self-defense.

Elder McMichael said he wasn’t sure if Arbury had a weapon before chasing him, but checked after shooting. Glynn McMichael told bystanders that Arbury had “attacked” his son, according to body camera footage recorded by Glynn County police officer Jeff Brandenbury.

Before he was disturbed by the bystanders, he said, “To be completely honest with you, if I could shoot the man, he was so fierce, so I shot him myself. Probably — “he added.

Brian and McMichael were not charged with Arbury’s death until two months later. The three men have been charged with other felony charges, including weighted assault and imprisonment.

McMichael's and William Brian.  (Photo: Glynn County Sheriff's Office)

McMichael’s and William Brian. (Photo: Glynn County Sheriff’s Office)

Cooper Jones saw the first footage of Arbury’s death when lawyers and prosecutors made their opening statements on Friday.

“I avoided the video for the last 18 months, and I thought it was time to find out what happened to Armor in the last few minutes of his life. So I stayed strong and there I’m glad I was able to stay in, “she said. Said..

Judge selection Lasted almost 3 weeks He created a panel of 11 white juries and one black jury. The testimony is expected to last for two weeks.

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