CRA extends Atlantic Canada tax deadlines following Fiona case


of federal government government teeth Expand Tax relief for people, businesses and charities affected by Tropical Storm Fiona in Atlantic Canada.

National Revenue Minister Diane Louboutilier says she asked of Canada Revenue Agency Will Consider Relief Options As Soon As She Knows of The devastating effects of a storm.

of CRAs teeth Expand of The deadline for corporate income tax returns, trust income tax returns, GST and HST returns is one month. of Atlantic Province and Madeleine Island in Quebec.

of You can now submit your return until October 31st. of The normal deadline is September 30th.

Individuals who have failed to meet their tax obligations of Storm will prioritize their requests and of the agency said.

Other tax-related notifications, such as COVID-19 benefit redeterminations and notifications related to business and charity applications, are temporarily suspended.

Louboutillier told reporters outside of House said it was important for her to mitigate of Anxiety felt by affected people of awakening of of storm, and let them focus of recovery.

Her parliamentary secretary, Peter Fragiskatos, said: of tax office teeth Actively put people first. “meaning teeth that of Any concerns they may have had in that regard need not be addressed immediately. “

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