Cracks in Trump’s legal team, lawyer frozen for wanting to work with Justice Department: NYT


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Donald Trump’s legal team: M. Evan Corcoran (center), Lindsey Harrigan (left), James Trusty (center right), and Chris Keith (right) in Brooklyn Federal Court. September 20, 2022.Alex Kent/Getty Images

  • The NYT has reported that there is a rift among Donald Trump’s lawyers over the Mar-a-Lago investigation.

  • One attorney has been frozen over suggesting closer cooperation with the DOJ, the report said.

  • The Justice Department is investigating what happened to classified documents after Trump resigned.

A rift broke out in Donald Trump’s legal team over how to handle the Mar-a-Lago confidential documents case. The New York Times reported.

The rift was caused by what the Justice Department told Trump’s team, according to The Times he still believes he has government recordsEven after the FBI seized hundreds of files from his home in August.

Attorney Christopher Kise is creating a “forensics team” of independent investigators to probe Trump for further records, two sources told The Times. and said he was at odds with Trump.

Per The Times, reports say Trump was initially open to the idea, but was later persuaded by other lawyers to take a more aggressive approach, and Kise was sidelined.

Trump has offered various defenses in response to the raid, claiming it was part of a political plot to destroy him and declassifying a series of top-secret records found at Mar-a-Lago. .

But his lawyers are trying to block the Justice Department from accessing thousands of documents seized by the FBI.

The Special Master is currently reviewing the documents seized on Aug. 8 and will determine which documents the DOJ can review in its investigation.

“The weaponized Justice Department and the politicized FBI are spending millions of dollars of American tax dollars perpetuating witch-hunt after witch-hunt,” a Trump spokesman said in a report. said in response.

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