Create a myth that women never lie


Two years ago, a man in Sydney Large payment as a settlement A $ 1 million ($ 750,000) malicious indictment against New South Wales police and prosecutors.

Case Police and Prison, clear video evidence revealing DPP’s disgraceful behavior and revealing false allegations of rape and assault on a man’s ex-wife, authorities allowing her to create new allegations The role of, and their lies, the court trying to keep him in jail.

The reconciliation took place at the end of the man’s five-year trial. I call him “Peter”. His ex-wife, a medical expert, told police that her couple had raped her a few weeks after they broke up. 2015. The marriage collapsed when Peter discovered she was having an affair, but the couple then made a short reconciliation that culminated in the agreed sex on the day in question.

Two months later, Peter was arrested on his return from a business trip to Europe and charged with sexual assault and violence. He spent more than $ 350,000 (US $ 260,000) in court costs in a month’s prison after a 10-day jury trial and before his motion was revoked.

The judge described his wife’s evidence as “apparently false”, and the prosecutor took into account “clear, consistent and objective evidence” to support Peter’s allegation that he had been accused incorrectly. Said he didn’t.

Peter lied to his wife’s allegations that she installed a video camera to record the entire encounter and made her jump shortly after she arrived at the former couple’s house.

The camera showed them that she was fully dressed for almost an hour before the agreed sex, which was characterized by sitting well on him. How can she be a rape victim?

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Protesters will attend the Women’s March 4 Justice Rally in Canberra, Australia, March 15, 2021. (JamilaToderas / Getty Images)

The doctor has not been adversely affected by her malicious lies. Peter’s efforts charged with perjury have been continuously knocked back by police, DPP, and other related complaint groups.

This is what our judicial system seems to be becoming.

Women who want to punish their partners accuse men of rape and violence, perjury themselves in our courts, and make elaborate misconceptions that rarely adversely affect them, even if they prove to be false. I have absolute permission to create.

See what happened in the family court system, where false allegations have been rampant for a long time.

In 2006, then Prime Minister John Howard’s groundbreaking new family law law included advising the court to issue a cost order to a person who deliberately made a false allegation in family law proceedings. It was.

A year later, the Howard administration left, and suddenly all the stories were about the risks from violent fathers to their children. By 2011, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s team changed A law to ensure that the effects of perjury are no longer present.

It has been so since then.Deputy Secretary from the Department of Deputy Secretary of State at a hearing for a recent parliamentary investigation into the family law system Indicated Between 2014 and 2019, there were no family law-related perjuries investigated by federal prosecutors.

The same unwritten rules apply to the Magistrates’ Court, which deals with the flood of false domestic violence allegations each week, and the Criminal Court, which deals with sexual assault.

Everyone knows that police and prosecutors accept the most silly claims, and that even if they are eventually thrown into court, the instigators will be released from Scotland.

In the case of Peter, his ex-wife is still there, despite her claim that he has spent enormous amounts of money on taxpayers. The trial alone is well over $ 200,000, and Peter’s reconciliation, not to mention years of police and prosecutor time.

The debate about perjury that discourages the right victims is a false nonsense. If the motion is not proved in court, perjury will never apply. A real victim, or a woman who mistakenly believes she is a victim, is not afraid of anything.

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Anyone who falsely charges physical or sexual abuse and lies in court will not be charged with perjury in Australia. (Ekaterina Bolovtsova / Pexels)

Proving that someone has deliberately lied or forged evidence is a very high standard, and it is a big task to be guilty beyond the reasonable suspicion of such malicious behavior. ..

However, in such cases, police and prosecutors may be forced to pay and reach that standard by ignoring irrefutable evidence that the allegations are false.

The constant silence of public debate about the surge in false allegations has significantly reduced the demands on our judicial system and increased the resources available to actual victims, including perjury in our courts. Prevents consideration of the benefits of implementing measures to deter.

Trust in our law depends on the premise of fair treatment. Police and prosecutors not only act on one side, but also maliciously use false allegations to arm the legal system against their dissatisfied subjects. You need to know that you are there to ensure the results of.

How miserable to our society, where many have discovered that their trust in our legal system is irrelevant. Our confidence in this important system is certainly undermined.

The final twist on the screw is the fact that feminists use a low prosecution rate for false claims to claim that we should believe in all victims, as women rarely lie. .. Further evidence of the evil genius of feminist companies.

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