Credit card sized steak was used as an in-flight meal on a $ 5,000 business class trip


After boarding a Korean Air business class flight from Hawaii to South Korea, passengers shared a photo of his overwhelming in-flight meal with a credit card-sized steak.

Korean men reportedly cost 6.48 million won (about $ 5,016) Business class flight, COVID-19 Because I traveled for the first time in 2 years for a pandemic. The man, who was looking forward to the service on board, was surprised to see the overwhelming meal.

A photo he shared on an online forum on June 13 shows his steak with small sides of vegetables and sliced ​​potatoes. The man placed a credit card next to the meal to make a visual comparison.

“This is a business class steak meal. Looking back, I’m still shocked,” said the man. I have written..

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The man also claimed that he and the other passengers were not. Fully provided Drink blankets and alcoholic beverages during the flight. At meal time, some passengers were told that there was no more instant noodles. The man distributed the grapes one by one, claiming that the cheese was sliced ​​as thin as his sashimi, and believed that the food was being distributed on the plane.

Despite being dissatisfied with the food and drink on board, the man praised the aggressiveness of the plane crew. He also said that they always kept a smile on their faces while they received many complaints.

“I don’t want to misunderstand that the flight attendants’ service was still excellent,” the man shared in the forum.

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Korean Air has recently been accused of inadequate in-flight service. Passengers complaining About the shortage of in-flight supplies.

“I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t be a flight attendant because it was cold, so I asked for some blankets,” said one passenger.

Korean Air’s anonymous flight attendants, in the blind, an online community for employees, said, “If you ask for a drink such as cola or juice, we can’t serve it. One drink will be distributed to three cups. “. There was a shortage of bottled water on long haul flights. The manager who ordered the box from the branch due to lack of drinks abroad was disciplined and had to pay for the goods from his pocket. “

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Meanwhile, a Korean Air spokesman explained that the blinds were due to a shortage of in-flight supply for the COVID-19 pandemic.

“On some international routes, local quarantine policies such as the COVID-19 border closure will inevitably limit the supply of in-flight meals to international flights only,” he wrote.

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Featured image via SBS News