Credit Suisse Board Supports CEO, Chairman Tells Sonntags Blick


The Zurich-Credit Suisse board of directors is convinced that CEO Thomas Gottstein is the right person to curb risk appetite and strategically reorganize banks, the Swiss bank said. The chairman said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday.

Antonio Horta Osorio was asked if he would replace Gottstein with the CEO or take over the bank’s chief executive officer and was reportedly answered “no” in an interview with the Swiss newspaper Sonntags Blick on Sunday. rice field.

“I’m sure Thomas Gottstein has complete confidence in the board,” he said.

“At a difficult stage the bank recently experienced, he impressively demonstrated his leadership skills. He deserves a strategic restructuring of the bank.”

Alter Osorio, who took office as chairman in April, said banks need to curb risk appetite, set appropriate incentives, and hire and support staff who share their values.

“We can’t speak publicly yet because (strategic discussions) aren’t over,” he said.

Gottstein, who attended the interview, said it is very important for the Chairman and CEO to work closely and in harmony at this important stage.

Credit Suisse is trying to rebuild its reputation after suffering significant losses this year due to the collapse of its Greensill-related supply chain finance and investment fund Arquegos.

Gottstein said the bank had a thorough analysis of its balance sheet. “We couldn’t find a case comparable to Green Sill or Arquegos.”