Crew members continue to check for potential casualties in Vancouver buildings even after the roof collapses


Eight people have been rescued from an office space under a collapsed rooftop parking lot in eastern Vancouver, but fire officials say it’s too early to determine if everyone is responsible.

Vancouver Fire Department. Secretary Dan Moe Berg says the eight were in a room next to the collapsed area, and the crew used a ladder truck to reach the windows on the second floor and take away the trapped people.

Two of the victims were treated in the hospital, but their condition has not been updated.

Crew members, including members of Vancouver’s specialized team in response to a major structural collapse, spent the night trying to move concrete debris from the search area, Moe Berg said.

A small bobcat-style loader was working on the roof and excavation was underway in part of the parking lot when the collapse occurred around 1 pm Thursday, fire officials said.

A loader and a pavement of about 3m x 4m fell from the parking lot to the office below.

The area, including the boulevard next to the damaged building, remained closed at the beginning of Friday.

WorkSafe BC, the state’s worker safety oversight body, says it has already begun investigating the cause of the collapse.

Canadian press