Cricket legend Shane Warn criticizes Cricket Australia for Justin Langer’s resignation

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne has criticized Cricket Australia (CA) for how to handle the contract of former coach Justin Langer. After that, he had no choice but to resign.

Langer resigned as head coach of Australia on Saturday after the CA offered him an extension of the contract for only six months, despite recently coaching the Australian men’s team to win the T20 World Cup and Ash. ..

In an interview with Fox sports On Tuesday, Warn described the deal as a “little insult.”

“The handling of this is totally shameful because it was done by Cricket Australia,” he said.

Warn also said he was shocked by the strength of the players’ apparent emphasis on coaching issues.

“Justin Langer may be intense, too harsh, or brutal, but what do you know? The player might have needed it because he wasn’t playing.” Said Warn.

Warn said players may not like it, but it’s all about results, and Australian men’s cricket is clearly in better shape than before Langer took the post in 2018. So it’s hard to believe that Langer was only offered for 6 months.

He said Cricket Australia’s Langer treatment indicates that the player is currently “calling a shot.”

“Something is wrong,” he said.

Australian men’s cricket captain Pat Cummins has been criticized for the past few days for his potential role in the decision, but Warn defended him by saying he was in a difficult situation.

He said Cummins would support Langer, but said the new coach would know that the captain wanted someone else if the CA decided not to extend Langer’s contract.

Conversely, Cummins suggested finding someone else because it was time for a change, but if Cricket Australia was sticking to Langer, the coach knew he didn’t have the captain’s support. There will be.

“That’s why he was in a really difficult situation,” Warne said.

In a LinkedIn post on Sunday, Langer explained why he resigned and looked back on his time with the team.

“Friday night, I was presented with a short-term contract until the end of the T2o World Cup in Australia, and I had the feeling of’going out at a high price’,” Langer said.

“After careful consideration, we decided not to accept this contract renewal, and as a result, we believe it is in the best interests of everyone for the Australian cricket team to start the next chapter immediately.”

He said some senior players and some support staff wouldn’t support him anymore if the media coverage was accurate, and CA’s board and CEO Nick Hockley also teamed in another direction. I understood that I wanted to go to.

“I respect that decision,” Langer said. “My life has been built on the values ​​of honesty, respect, trust, truth, and performance. I apologize if it sometimes feels” too strong. ” “

He added that he was part of a team that won the T20 and Ash and felt lucky to see the team become the best in the world.

“Australian cricket means the world to me. Since I was a kid, I am grateful for the opportunity to play and coach for the national team,” he said.

“Thanks to the Board for giving me this opportunity. I will bring many precious memories and friendships of the last four years.”

He finished the post saying he wanted a good job done, looking back and pondering the next chapter in his life.

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