Crimean bridge guarded by jet fighters from above, underwater battle between divers and dolphins Russian media


Irina Balachuk Sunday, October 9, 2022 16:18

Russian media outlet Medusa has called the Crimean bridge, damaged in the Oct. 8 explosion, one of the most protected places in the world. The bridge is said to be protected from land, air, sea, water and space.

sauce: [Latvia-based Russian media outlet] Medusa

detail: According to the publication, the entrances to the Crimean Bridge on both sides are Special Forces of Rosgvardiya (Their job is to inspect cars entering this intersection for explosives and illegal cargo, but note that the inspection was random).

According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Transport, Vans and trucks are illuminated with the help of special systems It’s said to be able to “detect nuts in the car or see what the driver took for lunch.”

Observation points were also set up on the bridge..

In the event of an emergency, Special Rapid Response Team You have been ordered to arrive at the scene within minutes to clear the scene and investigate what happened.

Rosgvardiya [The National Guard or Rosgvardiya is the internal military force of Russia] is said to be backed by Special Border Control FSB Forces and Anti-Sabotage Groups Amphibious.

According to the announcement, Small mobile boat for some missions Patrol the coastline of the city: anti-sabotage ships of the Grachonok type (equipped with machine guns, grenade launchers and even the Igla missile system), boats of the Mangust project (equipped with machine guns and missiles, mainly used to intercept ships). test).

Also, if necessary, BK-16 amphibious boat (equipped with the same missiles, machine guns and 19 paratroopers), Afalina and Sargan motorboats can be used.

To protect the bridge from collisions, special cylindrical concrete fortress Prevents ships from sailing near the pier.

From land, the ship is supported by of Baru Coastal Missile Complexarmed with anti-ship missiles with a maximum range of 260 kilometers, A modern complex Bastion with cruise missiles Onyx.

The bridge is also underwater protected, according to Meduza. Military divers and special forces of the Black Sea Fleet are constantly active. When Plavnik Water Management System You might be able to detect a person at a distance of 2 km and a ship at a distance of 3 km.

Special Sound Trap – Amulet-P System ●Bridge protection is also supported.

In addition to divers and traps, specially trained dolphins It is said to be involved in the protection of the Crimean Bridge.

Russia is said to be monitoring the bridge. Special satellite Cosmos KAnd the sky above the intersection is regularly patrolled. Russian Su-27 fighter and IL-38 anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft.

On the ground, cities are protected by Anti-aircraft systems with different ranges: S-400 Triumph missile system and Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft system.

It is also reported that radar system Involved in the protection of bridges: Podsolnukh (sunflower) (located in Crimea and can detect targets at a distance of 450 km) and Voronezh DM Station (covering a distance of 6 thousand km).

Russian media say 700 million rubles, according to BBC calculations [approximately $11 million US dollars] will be spent in 2022 with an additional $618 million [almost $10 million US dollars] – Various technical security systems.

Similar costs were incurred in protecting the railway portion of the bridge, according to Russian news outlets.


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