Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘The best timing is mine’ in interview

ARCHEHANIYA, Qatar – Cristiano Ronaldo says the Manchester United forward was betrayed and kicked out by his club, his explosive TV interview wasn’t a distraction in the World Cup locker room in Portugal I believe.

The Portugal national team captain said he was not worried about how his actions would affect his team, adding that he was happy with the prospect of winning the World Cup.

“In my life, the best timing is always my timing,” Ronaldo said at a news conference on Monday.

“Don’t worry about what other people think. Players have known me for years and they know who I am.

“It’s a hungry, focused, ambitious group. So I’m sure it (the interview) won’t shake the focus and focus in the locker room.”

Referencing himself in the third person, Ronaldo said that “everything associated with him will always raise criticism and controversy.”

Ronaldo, 37, has admitted that an awkward handshake between him and attacking midfielder Bruno Fernandes went viral after it was caught on camera.

“I have a great relationship with him (Fernandez),” said Ronaldo. “I was joking with him. His plane arrived late and I asked him if he came by boat. That’s it.

“The locker room environment is great. No problems. The group is shielded. And I’ll take this opportunity to say: Stop asking about me.

After missing Thursday’s friendly against Nigeria in Lisbon with stomach problems, Ronaldo has been training with his teammates as usual since arriving in Qatar on Friday and says he is in good shape. rice field.

“I’m fit, fit, well trained, ready to start the World Cup in the best possible way,” said Ronaldo.

“I feel that this Portuguese national team has great potential. [on] Ghana, win and go from there.

“We will see who will be the best team in the end, but I believe Portugal are the best team at this World Cup.

Portugal are in World Cup Group H alongside Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

Fernando Callas