Critical racial theory promotes “intolerance, difference, anger”: experts

Experts say that the agenda of critical race theory (CRT) activists and their impact on language, culture and institution poses significant risks and poses significant risks to Australian society.

Director of the Independent Research Center, Peter Curti, author of a new treatise, “Cultural Cancellation: The Rift of Critical Theory and Inconsistency” (pdf), Describes the three risks posed by CRTs. Tolerance to others, emphasis on differences rather than similarities, incitement to anger.

“First, when the’unacceptable’opinion is criticized, we face a reduction in tolerance,” said Curti. “Second, there is an emphasis on the difference by promoting discrimination as good, and third, there is anger and anger incitement that makes rational debate impossible.”

According to critical racial theory Washington Post, Is an academic framework centered on the idea that racism does not only manifest itself in individuals, but is systematic and woven into the legal system.

Curti writes that it is a theory that considers society to have invisible biases and imbalances in power, such as language and educational structure.

“It rejects the usual understanding of truth and meaning,” he said. “Instead, we reach the truth by listening to the” living experience “of members of the marginalized group, which can be expressed in terms of purely subjective emotions and intuition. “

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Protesters throwing a statue of Edward Colston into the Port of Bristol at the Black Lives Matter protest rally in the United Kingdom at Jane 7 in 2020. (PA Wire / PA Images)

However, Alana Lentin, an associate professor at Western Sydney University, and Debbie Bergary, a senior researcher at Griffith University, Editorial to the Guardian Society needs more CRTs, not less.

“Right-wing attacks on CRTs, like moral panics on gender teachings, believe that CRTs have become legitimate in their excessive imaginative left-wing hegemony.” “In fact, CRTs in Australia It’s not widely taught in college. You don’t have to worry about school. “

“In a society based on racial colonialism, we need to think less critically and more critically about race in order to start moving little by little towards greater justice.”

National Racist Commissioner Chin Tan called for Australia’s national anti-racist framework in March, saying it was “painfully obvious” that racial discrimination was rekindling across society.

Mr Tan said the Black Lives Matter movement highlighted the injustices experienced by minorities, and the Chinese Communist virus pandemic exposed “ugly racism against Asians here in Australia.”

“It’s clear that racism is a serious economic, social and national security threat to Australia. It’s time to treat it that way.” Tan said With a speech.

Culti states that when words such as “racism” lose their usual meaning due to a twist of “truth,” it becomes impossible to pursue a conversation that understands all issues.

“When words no longer mean what we are thinking, critical theorists can avoid being accountable and asking for explanation,” he said.

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Demonstrators participating in the Black Lives Matter protest following the US protest held in Melbourne on June 6, 2020. (Getty Images via Con Chronis / AFP)

Culti added that once the CRT and its idealistic foundation were identified and understood, it became clear that the CRT was a “nothing but the exercise of power” political movement.

He called on the Australian public to courageously avoid CRT, “restore reason” and “regain the truth.”

“We must never give in, because critical theory wins only if we allow it,” he said.