Criticism of UNC councilors over the issue of tenure grows snowballing. An angry teacher to meet on Monday.


Not giving the New York Times writer Nikole Hannah Jones a tenure, she continued to get angry with the UNC Chapel Hill Board on Friday and was named a night chair at the UNC Hasman Media Journalism School earlier this year.

The controversy that has strained the relationship between some faculties and academics was the subject of debate in the ABCTV edition on Friday. “view.” And the Board of Trustees was disciplined on Friday with statements by many groups, including:

▪ ▪ Sitting in a chair 20 other knight professors In each place.

▪ ▪ Association of Professional Journalists.

▪ ▪ UNC’s Retired Teachers Association.

▪ ▪ Include UNC Employee Forum..

The Hannah Jones case will also be discussed at a special meeting of the UNC Faculty Executive Committee on Monday.

Mimi Chapman, a faculty chair, said the actions taken by the faculty executive committee were largely symbolic.

“But I think it’s important to get the teachers together to discuss this,” she said on the phone Friday.

Teachers feel depressed

Chapman complained this week to Chuck Dackett, who heads the board’s college affairs committee, that he was depressed to ignore the faculty’s recommendation to give Hannah Jones a tenure.

Hannah Jones is a veteran journalist who taught 1619 projectExplore the heritage and history of American black enslavement. She won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 2020, but the project faced scrutiny from some historians and conservative politicians. Explanation from the New York Times..

When Hannah Jones’ application for tenure was presented for consideration at the Trustee’s January meeting with others, the Board did not act on it.Board Chairman Richard Stevens Said on thursday At that time, Daquette had a question. Stevens said it can be considered normal for candidates who “do not come from traditional academic backgrounds.”

In April, UNC announced that it had hired Hannah Jones on an indefinite five-year fixed-term contract. She will start in July, continuing to work as a journalist for the New York Times.

The Knight Foundation, which funds professors, does not require schools to grant tenure to those hired under the program. However, in the past, all night chairs at UNC’s Hasman School had tenure for life. This program is designed to bring non-scholars to college.

Why was Hannah Jones asked?

Chapman said he was listening to indignant faculty members across the campus, including hard sciences, humanities, law schools, and medical schools. She said it falls into two categories. Anger that the board invalidated teachers by ignoring the recommendation to hire Hannah Jones in tenure. And on top of what looks like unfair treatment.

That raises the issue, Chapman said. “Whether this is happening because this is a black woman and a person who writes about race. She was also non-academic about her portfolio, but nevertheless, without questioning her tenure. What makes it so different from other night chairs that have been set up and entered the UNC? “

Chapman said that if trustees treat Hannah Jones differently, it could hinder the recruitment or tenure of candidates in research areas that they consider worthless or controversial.

“It undermines the entire system on which the university is based on itself,” Chapman said. “That’s a problem.”