Critics after Republican lawmakers removed mortifying take at hearing on January 6


Rep. Greg Stube (Republican) tried to attack CNN and the January 6 House Select Commission hearing on Thursday, but succeeded in putting an egg on his face.

Like a Florida legislator Many of his Republican colleaguesJanuary 6, 2021, sought a way to dismiss this month’s hearing from the House Commission, which presents findings on the riots at the US Capitol.

“If you forget the fake, # January6thcommitteehearings is purely for TV ratings. [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi had the Communist Party News Network build a complete television set on which Abraham Lincoln’s desk once stood, “he tweeted, sharing an image of CNN’s discussion on Thursday’s proceedings.

Later, CNN was using a digital screen in the studio, Lincoln’s desk was once there, and the mob waving the Trump flag on January 6 didn’t actually set up a store in the parade National Statuary Hall. After noticing, he deleted the tweet. ..

Stube One of 147 Republicans in Parliament Donald Trump’s supporter mob voted to overturn 2020 election results, even after attacking the Capitol in an attempt to stop proving the voter vote that the then president wanted to overturn in his favor did.Earlier this year, Stube Made a headline After he swung three guns during a virtual hearing about gun violence.

Scroll through the reaction to Thursday’s tweets.

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