Crosby’s Status Cloud Rangers-Penguins approaching Game 6

Pittsburgh (AP) — Sidney Crosby disappears down the tunnel. The peace of mind that the Pittsburgh Penguins had in their first playoff series with the New York Rangers disappeared with the captain.

The status of the Superstar in Game 6 on Friday night is Crosby absorbed the highs, but was legally hit in the eyes of officials From Jacob Torva in the second half of the second period of Game 5 on Wednesday night. He wasn’t near the bench as he didn’t play for the last 26 minutes and the two-goal lead turned into a 5-3 defeat and sent the series back to Pittsburgh.

Penguins coach Michael Sullivan provided little detail on Thursday, except that Crosby would continue to be evaluated. Sullivan refused to reveal details about whether the three-time Stanley Cup champion had dealt with another concussion, saying that only Crosby had an upper body injury.

Sullivan emphasized that no matter who is in the lineup, his group has what it takes to win, but in reality, when Crosby’s familiar No. 87 isn’t doing the little things. , Penguins are not the same. For most of the 20 years, he has made him a peculiar force.

It was evident in the scramble shortly after Crosby departed. Pittsburgh scored three goals within three minutes and struggled to put consistent pressure on New York goalkeeper Igor Sheschokin after the Rangers took the lead in the third period.

Crosby tackled the post-concussion problem 10 years ago and worked for two years in the midst of the prime minister. He has been almost healthy since 2013, although he was unable to play in the second round against Washington in 2017 after receiving a head-to-head crosscheck from Capitals defense Matt Niskanen.

Pittsburgh Brought out a 3-2 victory with Crosby in streetwear Win the series in seven games, one month later, before winning the Stanley Cup twice in a row. Penguins also hosted themselves earlier this season while Crosby recovered from wrist surgery.

“We always had the idea that there was a next person’s approach,” Sullivan said.

There is a front-line center in Pittsburgh on Friday night. If Crosby isn’t available, it’s probably Evgeni Malkin. Like Crosby, Malkin is one of the pillars on which the franchise is built. Still, Crosby’s play in the first four or more games of his series shows that he has an overwhelming presence in his 15th postseason, even later in his Hall of Fame career. ..

Crosby had 2 goals and 7 assists before he was injured. Earlier this week, he became the sixth player in NHL history, reaching 200 career points in the postseason. However, the scoresheet does not give a complete picture of what Crosby brings.

“It’s a small thing you have to see, and that’s what you’re grateful for,” said Anson Carter, a former NHL forward analyst at Turner Sports. Nathan MacKinnon. He’s not going to surprise you with his slap shots like a cannon of shots like (Alex Ovechkin). But the nuances of his game are extraordinary. And when you look at him enough and see the little things he’s doing, you’re like, “Wow, that was a great play.” “

Crosby remains just as important for success in having nothing to do with Pittsburgh’s presence on the ice.

“He is not only a leader through his actions, but also a leader through his attitude and how he carries himself,” Sullivan said. “And he is the voice of reason through an emotional and turbulent game.”

Penguins are now faced with the prospect of potentially navigating those choppy oceans without him. Then again, they are playing at home. It is a place where I enjoyed the unstable play of Sheschokin. The Vezina Trophy and Hart Memorial Trophy finalists have been drawn from both early games 3 and 4 of the series.

Panthers, Florida Capitals leads 3-2 (Eastern Standard Time 7:30 pm, TBS)

Carter Verage is on the verge of the President’s Trophy-winning Panthers knocking out the Capitals. Verage set a five-point franchise record in Florida, scoring twice in Game 4 in Washington, including the winner of overtime. Game 5 comeback win At home.

Capitals coach Peter Laviolette said Thursday, “Surely he’s doing damage in this series.” “For me, he has a good release, he has a good offensive instinct, he’s fused with many strong teams.”

The Capitals were injured in Game 1 and without the right winger Tom Wilson, who hasn’t played since then, the firepower of this series would be weakened.

Stars Frames Calgary leads 3-2 (9:30 pm EDT, TNT)

Third rally at home In Game 5, Flames moved within a game of advancing to the second Western Conference semifinal since 2004.

“The bottom line is that there are a lot of people who didn’t win the fourth game (of the series),” said Calgary coach Darryl Sutter. “That’s the next step in the process. See if you can do it.”

Blake Coleman is wary before the flames. The Stars are just two years away from their trip to the Stanley Cup Finals, which began with their first round victory over Calgary.

“If you’ve learned in the last few years, closing the team is the hardest part of the series, and winning that fourth game is the hardest game you have to win.” Coleman said. They are a proud group and you need to put them in a position you don’t want anymore. “


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