Crown Wrap in Quebec’s Halloween Murder Trial, Defense to Start Next Week

Crown wrapped up the case on Halloween night in 2020 in the historic center of Quebec City in a trial of a 26-year-old man charged with killing two people with a sword and injuring five. ..

Karl Gilard has been charged with two attempted murders of Sae Yamamoto (61) and François Duchenne (56) in the Old Town of Quebec on October 31, 2020. ..

The jury heard from witnesses of the final prosecution on Thursday. A forensic pathologist detailed the wounds she found on the bodies of Duchenne and Clermont.

Dr. Caroline Tangai states that her examination found 13 wounds in Duchenne and 22 wounds in Clermont, both of whom were killed by multiple traumas from sharp weapons.

The crown declared the case closed after her testimony, and defense will begin presenting the case next Tuesday.

The judge admitted to the jury that Gilard had killed two and injured five with a sword, but he was not liable for criminal charges at the time of the case because he was suffering from a mental illness. Insist.

Prosecutors allege that Gilard left the house in a car about 30 km north of Montreal and had a Japanese-style sword called a sword with a 76.9 cm blade. They claim he wore black jogging pants, black leather boots, a short-sleeved kimono and a black mask.

After arriving in Quebec City, Gilard is said to have parked in front of the Le Château Frontenac Hotel in the historic district of the city and drove around before launching an attack on foot.

Prosecutors allege that Gilard told health care workers as early as 2014 that he intends to use his sword to kill people.

Canadian press