Cruz, along with reporters, spurs over a leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion overturning the Roe v. Wade case, suggesting that the culprit was a “left-wing lawyer.”

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz.Win McNamie / Getty Images

  • Texas Republicans continue to suggest that the perpetrator was probably a “left-wing lawyer.”

  • Earlier this week, Judge Roberts instructed Marshal to launch an internal investigation into the leak.

Senator Ted Cruz sparred with a Supreme Court reporter who leaked a draft opinion of the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade case on Friday, and conservative lawmakers alleged that the “left-wing lawyer” was the culprit. bottom.

During the conversation, Texas Republicans relied on previous theories he upheld on television earlier this week. Said “The left-wing lawyer wanted to put political pressure on the five judges,” said Fox Business host Stuart Varney, a broad-based decision paving the way for outlawing abortion. Occupied the majority.

At the time, Mr. Cruz said he had succeeded in persuading one of the judges to change the final vote, “if the left-wing lawyer succeeded.” This is not expected until summer. The history of our country. “

Cruz was unable to confirm the identity of the criminal, but he continues to state that it is a liberal individual.

The issue continued on Friday, and Cruz argued that Leak’s intentions were clear.

“Senator, why do you know this is the liberal clerk who leaked this? Is there any information to suggest it?” The reporter asked Cruz, Captured in video..

He replied: “Because I’m not stupid. I live on Earth … This is clearly an attempt from someone who is dissatisfied with the direction of the court and puts political pressure on the judges to put them on. Because it’s an attempt to change. Result. This is the only reason it’s leaked and you know it. Come on, you’re a Washington DC reporter. “

Later, reporters suggested that one of the judges may have changed their views since the draft decision.

“That’s a perfectly rational scenario,” the reporter asked Cruz.

Senator seems to have ridiculed such a scenario. “I think it’s ridiculous, but if so, it might win the Pulitzer Prize.”

Reporters continued to seek proof of the criminal’s identity.

“Well, you’re saying there’s no evidence,” the reporter told Cruz.

“I think it’s clear what’s going on here, and leaks occur often enough not only in the Supreme Court, but also in this town,” the senator replied.

Cruz went on to say he wanted to see the leaker “murdered” and felt that the individual “should be put in jail for a very long time.”

Judge John Roberts instructed the Supreme Court Marshal to begin investigating the leak earlier this week — Said On Thursday, the incident was “absolutely horrifying.”

The draft opinion is Published by PoliticoRevelation Shake Amplifies the cracks on the subject from the country, Democratic parliamentary leaders and leftist organizations Codify Enact a law for 2024 Republican presidential aspirants and grassroots activists who have fought to abolish this procedure for years.

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