CSIRO Brings “Hope” to Australia with New AI Weight Loss Coach

Just in time for Australia’s leading scientific research institute, the New Year’s Health Promise, CSIRO introduced Hope, an AI weight loss coach, as part of CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet program.

The Weight Loss Program is a 12-week digital membership focused on high protein and low GI diets prescribed by CSIRO. Currently, it has earned the highest rating of 4.8 for Trustpilot’s weight loss service.

Hope’s role within the program is to predict how much weight a member can lose by following a 12-week program. Digital coaches propose reasonable weight loss goals determined from an anonymous database of weight loss results for CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet members.

CSIRO Total Well-Being Nutritionist Penny McCoy said the launch of Hope is a great time for anyone looking to set health goals for this year.

“In Hope’s design, CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet demonstrates how the latest science can change health outcomes with innovations that use Australian data to drive successful weight loss throughout the program. I continue to do it. “

According to CSIRO, 50% of members who complete the 12-week program meet or exceed Hope’s expectations.

According to an analysis by CSIRO of about 11,000 program members, those who weighed regularly and tracked their dietary intake accounted for 8.1% of their starting weight in 12 weeks, or an average of 7.5 kilograms (16.5 pounds). Achieved weight loss. ).

Those engaged in these behaviors achieved only a 3.3% weight loss, or 3.1 kgs (6.5 lbs). This is a difference of nearly 4.5kgs (9.9lbs) between the two groups.

High diligence in all three behaviors resulted in a maximum weight loss of 8.1%, while the results also showed that individuals who showed high diligence in two of the three behaviors achieved above average weight loss. It was possible and also showed that it lost 7.5% of its starting body. weight.

Hope also acts as a coach to encourage participants to engage in actions related to maximum weight loss.

“Many people feel that they have to be really tough to see the results. This pressure can lead to unrealistic expectations, so the findings show flexibility for a sustainable weight loss journey. It’s very exciting to make sure there’s room for it, “says McCoy.

“With Hope’s additional support, Australians can be confident that they are embarking on a weight loss journey that is not only proven, but also fits their lifestyle.”

In addition, Hope is involved in machine learning and analysis. The more members interact with her, the more knowledgeable and personalized she is.

In the future, CSIRO states that Hope will provide more personalized advice and insights on the behaviors and habits that members can practice to achieve their weight loss goals.

Marina Chan