CSIS warns of increasingly sophisticated state-sponsored activities for elections


Ottawa-The Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns that foreign interference with state officials with Canada is steadily and in some cases increasing.

In a report released Thursday, CSIS has long observed the threatening activity of sustainable and advanced state support for elections, saying that “it continues to increase in frequency and sophistication. “.

CSIS is used to run foreign-influenced campaigns designed to disseminate disinformation, disrupt or divide public opinion, and interfere with sound public debate. Is pointed out.

This service is powerful in Canada’s electoral system, but foreign intervention can undermine credibility and threaten the country’s democratic, political, fundamental rights and freedoms, and ultimately the integrity of its sovereignty. I advise that there is.

Spy service warnings come in speculation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will unplug the minority parliament within a few weeks and send Canadians to polls.

“Canadian citizens and voters are generally considered vulnerable targets by state officials and are therefore targets of foreign interference,” said the CSIS report.

“Especially, elections provide a valuable opportunity for state officials to carry out disinformation and interference campaigns.”

Elected civil servants, subcommittees, community organizations, and the media are also potential targets, says Spy Services.

Tactics include manipulating people to divulge valuable information, fostering moral relationships, coercion, illegal financing, cyber attacks, disinformation, and espionage.

CSIS is a member of the Election Security and Intelligence Threat Task Force and coordinates efforts to protect federal ballots.

This report does not identify malicious countries or reveal specific plans made against Canada.

However, federal officials have previously warned that Canada is being targeted by foreign nations such as China and Russia because it seeks to promote political, economic and security interests.

For example, Russia and its intelligence agencies have been actively engaged in disinformation campaigns since March 2020 to question the origin of the new coronavirus and the measures needed to counter it, Bill Blair Public Security said. A recent briefing note prepared for the minister says.

China and other foreign states routinely attempt to intimidate and intimidate individuals around the world through various state agencies and non-state agents, the April memo warns.

It says these states may use a combination of their intelligence and security services, and trusted agents to support foreign interference activities in Canada’s soil.

“States may try to intimidate or intimidate individuals to pursue the fight against corruption or bring criminals to justice, but these tactics silence dissent and political opponents. It can also be used as a cover to instill general fear of state power wherever you are. There are people. “

Jim Bron Skill