Cuban immigrants arrive on the Florida Keys coast

A group of Cuban immigrants arrived by boat on Friday afternoon at the city marathon in central Florida Keys.

Early in the afternoon, the US Coast Guard was informed of a ship carrying them about two miles from the marathon, according to a dispatch record from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s office, they landed around 1:30 pm.

Border Guard spokesman Adam Hoffner said authorities had arrested 13 men.

They may be processed for removal by the Border Guard and sent back to Cuba on a Coast Guard cutter.

Federal authorities track immigrants every fiscal year beginning October 1. Make a dangerous journey After the Obama administration abolished the so-called “wet feet and dry feet” policy in early 2017, it plunged in a few years and then recently increased from Cuba across the Straits of Florida, often with non-navigable vessels. did.

Under policy, those captured in the sea were sent back to Cuba. However, those who set foot in the US soil above the high water level were allowed to stay a year later and apply for permanent residence.

In the months before the end of the policy, many in Cuba predicted its end, and migration from the island surged. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, and Border Guard officials arrested dozens of migrants a week who wanted to arrive in the United States while the incentives were still in place.

In 2016, the Coast Guard stopped 5,395 Cubans trying to reach Florida at sea. By last year, that number had dropped to just 49.

However, according to figures released by the Coast Guard, migration attempts have already increased by more than 100%, six months later this year.

Jorge Duany, director of the Cuban Institute at Florida International University, said earlier this year that the increase in migration was probably the cause. For a combination of worsening economic and humanitarian conditions We hope that within Cuba and that President Joe Biden’s administration will be more tolerant of undocumented immigrants.

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