Cuban immigrants rescued the key on a raft, says the Coast Guard.It’s not where they stayed

Two cuba Immigrants Those rescued from the Florida Keys last week were brought back to Cuba by the United States Coast Guard on Monday.

The Coast Guard reported that it was rescued Thursday by a crew member of the motor tanker STI Brixton, who saw two men waving their arms on a raft about 70 miles southwest of the marathon.

Lieutenant James Limere, executive officer of Coast Guard cutter Charles Sexton, said: “Attempting to enter the country this way is not only illegal, but also dangerous. Putting yourself in the dynamic environment of an unprepared sea is not worth the risk.”

The Coast Guard cutter Isaac Mayo’s crew took two Cuban migrants to Cuba on Monday.

US officials say the number of people from Cuba on dangerous journeys across the Straits of Florida is increasing.

The federal government is tracking migration attempts and landings by the fiscal year beginning October 1. This year, the Coast Guard crew has stopped 195 Cuba at sea, compared to 49 for the entire 2020 fiscal year.

The number in 2019 was 313.

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