Current hospitalizations are approaching 14,000, HHS reports


According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services figures, Florida’s repeated Sunday COVID-19 news for the past few days showed that current hospitalizations continued to increase at the state level.

NS 13,793 new coronavirus patients in 251 hospitals Sunday’s HHS update represents a relatively small spike from 13,747 reported on Saturday. Similarly, the increase in beds in the intensive care unit used for COVID-19 patients ranged from 2,750 to 2,767.

But they were an increase. Also, 24.4% of all Florida hospital patients are classified as COVID-19 patients (nationwide, so there is no doubt that the pandemic revival is a bigger problem for Florida hospitals than any other hospital. 8.7%). For ICU beds, 43.8% of them are occupied by COVID-19 patients in Florida. Nationally, that number is 19.4%.

On Sunday morning, the Jackson Health System tweeted that there were 348 COVID-19 patients. That number was 228 on August 1st.

The Florida Hospital Association tweeted on Sunday afternoon that the current total number of hospitalizations is 13,435.The Florida Hospital Association reported a different number than US health and welfare services, but the trend was similar in that there was a slight rise on subsequent Sundays. Counted the Olympic leap (484) the day before..

At this stage of the pandemic, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not report new cases on Sunday.

South Florida County Hospitalization and Vaccination Trends

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continued to report “high levels of community infection” levels in each county in Florida.

▪ ▪ According to the CDC Miami Dade County 62.3% of the population was completely vaccinated.

The total of 7-day cases increased by 26.4%. Less than 10 people have died of COVID in the last 7 days. The positive test rate continues to rise, rising from 0.9% to 14.2% in the last 7 days. Hospitalization rates declined slightly (1.8%), but the proportion of COVID-19 and COVID-19 ICU patients increased by 22.4% and 28.4%, respectively.

▪ ▪ Broward County 1,023,898 inhabitants, or 52.4% of the population, are fully vaccinated.

Similar to Miami-Dade, the number of cases has skyrocketed in the last seven days (38.6%). Less than 10 COVID-19 deaths; positive test rate rose 2.7% to 19.3%. The number of COVID patients surged in both hospitals (8.5%) and ICUs (9.56%).

▪ ▪ of Palm Beach County, 764,775 inhabitants have been vaccinated, accounting for 51.1% of the population.

Mirroring Broward and Miami-Dade increased the number of cases by 30.9%. Less than 10 people died from COVID-19. The positive test rate increased from 2.0% to 20.9%. Hospitalization surged 44.0% as the proportion of beds dedicated to COVID patients increased by 5.9% and the proportion of ICU beds increased by 10.1%.

Palm Beach County School District mandates masks as COVID cases increase among children

▪ ▪ Monroe County 44,403 inhabitants are fully vaccinated, accounting for 59.8% of the population.

Over the last seven days, both key cases (51.4%) and hospitalizations (70.0%) have skyrocketed. The positive test rate was also the highest in South Florida, ranging from 3.7% to 21.9%. The proportion of beds in COVID-19 patients increased by 5.4% and the corresponding proportion of ICUs increased by 5.5%.

Manatee County

Less than half of Manatee County is fully vaccinated, with 189,257 people accounting for 46.9% of the population.

Over the last 7 days, cases have increased by 29.9% and positive test rates have increased by 1.2% to 20.2%. Hospitalization rates increased by 38.9%, resulting in a 6.8% increase in the proportion of beds in COVID-19 patients and a 10% increase in bed occupancy in the ICU.