Currently, Texas Governor Abbott wants to build a border wall.No, really stop laughing

Texas Governor Greg Abbott attended the press conference and provided the latest information on Texas. Response to COVID-19 on Thursday, September 17, 2020 in Austin, Texas.  (AP Photo / Eric Gay)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to complete the wall of former President Trump along the Texas-Mexico border. (Eric Gay / Associated Press)

One of the first actions President Biden took when he took office nearly six months ago was Cancel construction Of his predecessor’s planned wall along the US-Mexico border Insane with that reasoning Like that range.Texas Governor Greg Abbott is now stupid with former President Trump Announcement Well, if the Biden administration doesn’t build a wall, Dagnabit, Texas!! (No, it’s not his actual word.)

How Abbott plans this is Federal environmental regulations Trump administration Can be ignored But the state can’t, and the amount Private land The state will have to be a commander (government overkill, who?) To build the wall. Two years ago, 162 miles of Trump administration fencing Plan to build in Texas It contained 144 miles of private land. What are the costs of these sales and blame procedures for Texas taxpayers? Well, the country will have to wait for such subtle details. Next week, the governor says, everything will be said.

Poor Texas. But Californians can’t be ridiculed too much. Caitlyn JennerIf one of the candidates wanting to replace Governor Gavin Newsom decides to bring him back, I told ABC’s “The View” On Wednesday, she added, as governor, “will close the southern border.” “I will finish the border wall on all state lands,” she added.

Federal walls and fences already cover 140 miles of the California-Mexico border 105 miles, and given that it’s state-owned, Governor Jenner could add to it to a minimum. I will. There is virtually no land At the border (and good luck with funding from the state legislature). It’s a ridiculous policy position, but it’s probably a good bite for the hardliners of Trumpian immigrants, who aren’t a big group of California voters. However, Jenner is entitled to her election strategy.

Curiously, Jenner said in the same interview, “I will do my best to defend the Eastern Front.” Well, that’s good news. You can’t pay much attention to those people from Arizona and Nevada.

Of course, this is a political attitude. States should not build defensive barriers along their borders. Also, local governments should not be involved in the enforcement of federal immigration law as it guides the immigrant community to avoid reporting crimes as victims or witnesses. Nevertheless, Abbott said “Individuals who trespass into Texas are arrested and imprisoned for trespassing,” he said. Whose property do you break into? And how is immigration status closely related to trespassing code?

The country faces serious immigration, especially enforcement issues. According to the latest data from Customs and Border Protection anxiety The southern border, which is the agent for measuring illegal immigrants, is the highest in recent years, and the Biden administration includes the Trump administration temporarily returning people to Mexico without giving them the opportunity to pursue legal options. For trying to stay in the United States, it continues to follow some of its stricter measures.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of June, Abbott Ordered closure 52 organizations of state-licensed facilities that care for unaccompanied minors under contract with the federal government. The federal government has appeared in court to fight orders, but if Abbott succeeds, it is thrown into a limbo living space for hundreds of unaccompanied minors, unsuitable borders for that mission. You may be forced to stay in a detention facility for an extended period of time. What exactly does Abbott think when such a cruel policy is resolved?

This stupidity is enough. The country cannot find a way to solve its critical problems, including immigration policy and enforcement, as long as political actors commit themselves to theater and rebellious attitudes.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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