Cyber ​​attacks hit Lithuania after a feud of sanctions with Russia


Lithuanian Vilnius-Cyber ​​attacks have temporarily knocked out Lithuanian public and private websites, the Defense Minister said Monday, reporting that a pro-Moscow hacker group claimed responsibility.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks have targeted secure domestic data networks. The State Tax Bureau and the Immigration Department were also one of the public institutions that were forced to suspend online services for several hours. They went online again on the same day.

The incident occurred a week after Lithuania threatened to retaliate as it restricted the transportation of steel and metal under EU sanctions. A ban on goods under European Union sanctions was announced by Lithuanian authorities earlier this month, accusing the Kremlin of unprecedented illegal movements and urging a surge in angry retorts from Moscow.

Moscow has accused Lithuania and the EU of violating international agreements and threatened a “non-diplomatic” response. Lithuanian local governments have warned that cyber attacks are likely to continue.

The ministry did not appoint a hacker, but the Baltic News Service said the parent Kremlin group “Kilnet” claimed the attack.

Associated Press