Czech bullet train crashes into engine, killing one and injuring five

A bullet train after a collision at Novy Bohumin, Czech Republic, June 27, 2022. (Czech Railway Safety Inspection Bureau via AP)

Prague — A bullet train crashed into an engine at a train station in the northeastern Czech Republic on Monday, killing one and injuring five.

According to the Czech Railways, the accident happened early in the morning in the town of Novy Bohumin, shortly after the departure of the Pendolino train to Prague.

The Shinkansen driver was killed and four Czech Railway engine crew members and one train were injured. It was unknown if the engine was running at the time of the head-on collision.

The rescue team said the passengers had never been injured.

The Railroad Safety Inspection Office, an agency that investigates train crashes, said the high-speed train was on the wrong line at the time of the crash and the accident could have been caused by a human error.

Associated Press