D-Day Approach for Remaining Vaccine Obligations in Western Australia



With all these COVID-19 restrictions and emergency powers, it may seem that Australia is finally getting worse. But this is not entirely the case. Vaccine obligations remain, especially in Western Australia (WA), where thousands of local workers in many industries are stuck or stuck.

In this regard, Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, who will take office as the new Governor of Western Australia last October, gave all unvaccinated police officers and police officers two COVIDs- 19 Imposed strict policies to enforce vaccination. He will face a summary dismissal by January 1st.

As a result, Western Australian police officer Ben Falconer, a senior police officer, decided to challenge these missions and injunctioned the Supreme Court against police officers who refused to be subject to this type of action. I have successfully secured the order.

On December 24, Judge Jeremy Alanson issued an injunction to prevent Falconer from carrying out a serious threat to dismiss him for not being vaccinated by the deadline until trial. .. Commissioner Dawson forgave after first stating that the judicial decision applies only to Falconer, and promised that all unvaccinated police officers would not be dismissed until the outcome of the trial.

On December 23, another hearing revealed that the direction of all public sector essential vaccines in the state was the same as that of the Western Australian Police Department. Therefore, Falconer’s lawyer was instructed in the Supreme Court to initiate several other proceedings against Supreme Health Officer Dr. Andy Robertson.

Fair trial

These procedures challenge the Chief Health Officer’s instructions that apply to workers in a variety of industries, including education, construction, mining, fire and emergency services, health, correction, and critical infrastructure. They held up until the results of the falconry challenge came out.

The trial was initially listed on March 29, but at an urgent hearing the day before it began, Ken Pettit SC, an adviser to the state’s chief health officer, submitted evidence to his client at the trial. I told you that it will not be called because of. This about face seems to a rational person to be a very clear attempt to avoid any form of scrutiny.

At that urgent hearing, Falconer’s lawyer Shane Prince SC tried because the resignation of the Chief Health Officer deprived the client of an important opportunity to question him in an affidavit filed in early March. Is the method proposed by Pettit.

Judge Alencon agreed, and he verbally stated that he decided to postpone the trial. It is fair and I am not happy to be considered fair. “

Email survey on vaccine obligations removed

In the awkward background of this important legal issue, an internal email to a WA police employee asking for thoughts on vaccine obligations was allegedly erased from the inbox of all staff without explanation.

Former police officer Jordan McDonald sent the investigation to about 90 percent of the total workforce on February 27. We have already received about 300 responses, of which 60% have expressed opposition to these obligations.

Epoch Times Photo
Chris Dawson, a member of the Western Australian Police Department, was vaccinated with COVID-19 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Center in Australia on March 7, 2021. (SimonSanti – Pool / Getty Images)

A WA police spokesman said the organization was not interested in the opinions of its employees.

Western Australian Police will not conduct a similar investigation. Her words, This is “a waste of resources and does not change the mindset of government agencies.” She dismissed all the concerns that some officers might have, stating: [these officers].. They have the right to express their opinions, but there is no debate when it comes to enforcing the law and complying with workplace regulations. “

This disregard for police officers’ opinions may explain why many experienced senior police officers decided to quit their jobs in Western Australia. As mentioned above, the entire police were forced to double vaccination by January 1st or faced dismissal. There were more than 236 resignations between January and May of this year. By comparison, there were only 149 police resignations in 2019 overall.

Surprisingly, Dawson, who quits his top job in a few weeks, doesn’t seem to be aware of everything that’s happening.he Attribution This dramatic increase in resignation is limited to “strong labor markets and employment opportunities, sometimes higher wages, elsewhere!”.

Workplace problems?

This survey aimed to identify the reasons for so many resignations this year.according to resultThe main reason for his resignation was “a disturbing lack of empathy from senior police officers.”

Indeed, the union’s investigation reveals that at least 77% of all police officers who resigned in the last five months blamed “poor culture and dissatisfaction with WA police management” for their decision. did.

In one submission, one member said, “WA police management doesn’t care about them.” Another respondent said: The entire system is broken. “

These findings help us understand why police authorities have curtailed other investigations into vaccine obligations. Western Australian police management seems to want these officers to entertain such ideas.

Falconer’s trial is currently scheduled to begin on July 13. One of the witnesses of the trial is Nikolai Petrovsky, a professor of medicine at Flinders University and director of the endocrinology department at Flinders Medical Center. His evidence will question the scientific credibility of the WA government’s decision last October to impose vaccination obligations on most of WA’s workforce.

Petrovsky’s evidence is an important part of the judicial review by the New Zealand High Court, and New Zealand police and defense forces’ vaccination orders have been withdrawn.

Unfortunately, due to opposition from the Supreme Health Officer and Police Commissioner’s advisers, the trial will not be livestreamed. Indeed, the length of time Western Australia and Dawson can potentially obfuscate, delay, and perhaps suppress information that could harm their position is extraordinary and breathtaking.

If successful, the proceedings may provide an opportunity to reinstate a dismissed or disciplinary worker and lift sanctions. We commend all those involved in this legal challenge for the courage to confront the oppressive measures of the intoxicated government.

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August Zimmermann


August Zimmermann is a professor and director of legal affairs at the Sheridan Institute for Higher Education in Perth. He is also Chairman of the Western Australia (WA) Law Theory Association, Editor-in-Chief of Western Australian Law Scholars, and a member of the WA Law Reform Commission from 2012 to 2017. Notre Dame Australia has authored numerous books such as “Direito Constitucional Brasileiro”, “Western Legal Theory” and “Christian Foundations of the Common Law”.

Rocco Roiacono


Rocco Loiacono is a senior instructor and translator from Italian to English at Curtin University Law School in Perth, Australia. His work on translation, linguistics, and law is widely published in peer-reviewed journals.