Dad “lived much longer than he deserved,” his son wrote a Florida obituary in scorching words.


According to the outlet, Lawrence Fuff Jr. said “I want to tell the truth” about his estranged father when he wrote a scorching obituary about him for the Florida Times-Union.

Newspapers are currently investigating how the work was published.

Pfaff Obituary for his fatherLawrence Fuff Sr. died on June 27 at the age of 81 after living a life “much longer than he deserved”. He doesn’t know how many children he had.

“He survives with three children instead of four,” says the work. “Oops, five kids. As of 2022, I believe there’s one more thing we know, but there could be more.”

Junior Pfaff told The Florida Times-Union in a video interview: He didn’t want to lie About who his father was when he wrote the obituary.

“I read a lot of obituaries at first, but it was so positive,’I’m not saying positive things, but how can I write this in a positive way?'” He told the outlet. Told.

Pfaff Jr. described his father as an abusive alcoholic, “incapable of redemption” and “unloveable” narcissist.

Pfaff Sr., a New York Police Department police officer for over 20 years, was robbed of his gun and badge because of his alcoholism, his son writes.

The New York Police Department did not respond to a request for comment from McClutch News on July 8.

“Lawrence, senior’s hobbies included abusing his first wife and children,” says the obituary. “He liked to start the project, but never carried out the project. He has enjoyed Barfly’s life for years and is on top of Club Nashville, his favorite hole in the wall. There was a quaint small living space and studio. “

A spokesperson for Ganett, publisher of the Florida Times-Union, a Jacksonville-based daily, told McClutch News that the obituary was “further investigating the issue because it did not comply with internal guidelines.” I wrote it by email.

A web page that explains how to submit an obituary to the Florida Times Union Author can enter Obituary to the newspaper system. At that point, the representative will send the submitter an email “with proof of what the obituary looks like in a printed newspaper, a price quote, and a payment deadline.”

The outlet says that the person’s death must be confirmed by an “authorized party”. This page does not contain any guidelines on what to include in obituaries.

On the Frequently Asked Questions page of Gannett’s website, Bullets Information normally included in obituaries, such as name, age of death, family and survivors, work history, and funeral information. There are no guidelines on how to write obituaries on this page.

Pfaff Jr. told NBC News: Write an obituary Helped him begin to recover from the child’s trauma.

His cruel honesty Writing resonated With readers all over the country.

“I’m really grateful that he told the truth,” Heather Renee Farris wrote in a comment on the Florida Times-Union Facebook page. “I also really admire the paper for being brave enough to print it.”

“The publisher’s parent didn’t have to apologize,” Catlin Frazier wrote in a comment. “If his father wanted a decent obituary, he should have used his 81 years here to become a decent man.”

Pfaff Jr. writes that his father left the path of destruction and “damaged his adult children and left them destroyed.”

“I can remember that Lawrence Senior was a father to many and a father to everyone,” he writes.

Pfaff Jr. told The Florida Times Union: He last saw His father wrote an obituary about 30 years ago, a year before he died.

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